Saturday, January 7, 2017

So Long, Silent Nights

Dear Baby,

The news is out: you are on your way.

Everyone is so excited to meet you!

Right now, your task is to enter the world and be as healthy as you can be. ...But I have so many goals for you beyond that.

One of my biggest wishes for you is that you are a kind child that grows up to be a kind adult. I hope you treat others with respect, nurture with your words, donate to the needy, and hug the broken. At the same time, I hope you love yourself enough to say "no" when you need to and are strong enough to ignore negative comments when they are thrown your way.

I also hope you grow up to be a hard-worker who always tries his/her best. I hope you have determination and perseverance. I hope you are both adventurous and cautious, and that you know when to leap. I hope you love us back and want to come home, even when you are an adult and have a family of your own. Finally, I hope you know how loved you already are and always will be.

You are going to change our lives in a radical way. Everything we know is about to get crazier, messier, busier, and more expensive. But whatever the outcome, I am happy to change my long as you are here and know that I have loved you even before you were born.

The world is waiting for you, Baby. See you this summer.