Saturday, April 25, 2015


I finally found a great way to keep track of addresses and birthdays online. It's through a fairly new website called Postable. You need an account to keep track of addresses, but accounts are free. After you create your account, you can import contacts, add them manually, or share a special link that lets others contribute to your address book.

As far as I can tell, users don't have to have a Postable account in order to submit their contact information to you, but if they do have an account, their contact info will change every time they update the details on their personal account -- pretty cool!

I feel like I am always sending a ton of emails and facebook messages around Christmas time ("What's your mailing address?"), and I know it gets annoying. So if you help me out and give me your contact info via this link, I can stay caught up without having to bombard you every holiday with demands for your address. :)

Click the picture below to add your information to our virtual address book:


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