Monday, May 25, 2015


J and I had been looking for a puppy for the last couple of months, but we couldn't seem to find the "perfect" one. I'd been browsing Craigslist and did find one goldendoodle a couple weekends ago, but the owners wouldn't contact me back so I was feeling a little frustrated.

Finally, I stumbled across a post for double doodles (or "Goldendoodle F2s") on Friday night. I really like the idea of an F2 because it supposedly sheds even less than the regular Goldendoodle and is more hypoallergenic, so I immediately clicked the ad. The sellers had a blonde female available - which is exactly what we wanted - so we jumped on the offer. I thought we'd be picking up this sweet little face within the next two weeks:

But...surprise! The owners said we could pick her up in three days. Holla!

I debated between the following names:
  1. Phoebe Ruffay (named after one of fav Friends characters, of course)
  2. Belle (idk why...apparently I'm a 5 year old who likes princesses?)
  3. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock (if you don't get that joke, you're dead to me you need to watch this YouTube video, STAT)
  4. Peeve (so I can tell everyone I have a pet Peeve)
  5. Amy Farrah Howler (a tribute to Big Bang Theory and fellow nerdy-girl)
  6. Coco Kennel (because I'm fancy, y'all)
  7. Fleaonyce Knowles (so she can wake up with bedhead and I can dress her in a sweatshirt that says, "I woke up like this.")
  8. Notorious D.O.G. (my personal favorite. And again, if you don't get the joke, I feel like I can weed you off my FB friends list because you ain't cool, yo. ....Just kidding, Mom. You can stay on my Facebook. ;))
I said all these names with a huge, cheesy smile on my face, aaaaand then J shot them down. He clearly doesn't understand how clever I am.

His loss.

We puppy-proofed the house Sunday evening and got to pick her up today at noon. I am dyyyying to take her to school to show my kiddos, but I can't take her anywhere until she gets all her shots. 

Even though I've vowed not to be the crazy pet lady, I feel like I'm already headed down some shady territory... I spent like, four hours combing Etsy for cute pet stuff on Saturday evening when we were stuck inside, waiting out the crazy weather in Oklahoma ('s madness). I've already purchased a collar, a place mat for her food and this cute leash holder. And I might or might not have been looking for puppy rainboots.

She was a little shy when she first got here, but she's warmed up as the evening goes on. She's starting to be more curious and go exploring, so I'm glad that baby gate we ordered will be here by Friday. ;) I will definitely be taking a video of her running sometime soon... it looks like her head is too big for her body, and it just flops around; it's quite comical.

I can't think of a clever way to end my post, so I'll leave you with adorable pictures. You're welcome for the overload of cuteness you're about to experience:

Her parents -- we'll see how curly Phoebe's fur's just fluffy right now!

This is how she spent at least 50% of the afternoon. So far she fits in well, because we like naps, too. ;)

At one point she was sleeping with her body on the bed, her head on the floor, and her ears flopped over her eyes. I guess our house is too bright, so I'll be looking for doggy sunglasses on Etsy next. Kidding...mostly. 

I melt.

Starting to wake up...

I am saving these pictures because 1) how can you delete them?! and 2) I feel like I'll need to remember how darn cute she is when she starts peeing on my floor because I'll be like:

But once we get past this potty-training stage, it'll be okay. By the way, Phoebe is way too classy to respond to "potty." I hatehatehate that word, so we are asking her if she needs to use the restroom. #pinkiesup


Saturday, April 25, 2015


I finally found a great way to keep track of addresses and birthdays online. It's through a fairly new website called Postable. You need an account to keep track of addresses, but accounts are free. After you create your account, you can import contacts, add them manually, or share a special link that lets others contribute to your address book.

As far as I can tell, users don't have to have a Postable account in order to submit their contact information to you, but if they do have an account, their contact info will change every time they update the details on their personal account -- pretty cool!

I feel like I am always sending a ton of emails and facebook messages around Christmas time ("What's your mailing address?"), and I know it gets annoying. So if you help me out and give me your contact info via this link, I can stay caught up without having to bombard you every holiday with demands for your address. :)

Click the picture below to add your information to our virtual address book:


Sunday, January 4, 2015

The One With the Longest Post Ever

*The title of this post is my way of paying homage to the fact that Friends has officially been made available for instant streaming on Netflix as of January 1 of this year. All hail Netflix.

First: hope your holiday was filled with family and fun, and that 2015 has started off on the right foot for you!

I was too lazy to scan it, so this is a picture of our Christmas card. #classy

Jon and I got back yesterday from a 11-day trip across the country... seriously: we went to Oklahoma for 3 days, Colorado for 3 days, Illinois for 1 day, and traveled 4 full days before coming home. We drove everywhere, so I pretty much never want to get in the car again. That's unfortunate, since we got new cars this weekend:

Not our exact car, but ours looks like this. 

It's like a friggin' spaceship inside:

Our interior is all black, but you get the picture...
It may not look like anything special to a lot of people, but we were driving 2007 and 2008 models before, and it's amazing how much can change in just a few short years! I'm having to get used to driving an SUV, which I'm currently referring to as "the tank." Fourteen hours on the road from Illinois to Texas helped me "break it in," but I have to admit I'm a little nervous about parking it tomorrow when I go back to work... ;) And yes, you read that right: cars. We each got a black granite Chevy Equinox. So yeah, we got the exact same car. I'm not totally thrilled with the idea, but why should one of us have to get a car we don't love just because the other one is getting it, too? Plus, as Jon so eloquently stated to his mom, "This is why I married her: we like the same things." 

The trip to Colorado was with my parents, sister, and sister's boyfriend. We drove 12 hours to Copper Mountain, Colorado, which means I got to read about 4 books each way. Merry Christmas to me! :) Copper Mountain had some average winter weather while we were there... you know, if you count -10° temperatures and 22 inches of snow "average." {Here in Texas, we pretty much shut the entire state down if the weather guy even thinks there's a chance of snow, so I quickly realized that I do not have appropriate winter attire.}

So. Cold.

So. Hard. To breathe.

I stole this collage from C's boyfriend; the two right pictures are views from the mountain while skiing.

I don't get to see snow that often, and I sure don't get to see snow like this, so I took lots of scenery pictures:

I pretty much did an abysmal job of taking pictures for the entirety of 2014, but I'm going to let it slide because I was trying to "be present." As much as I love technology, I also know that it's easy to get sucked in and forget to actually live your life. It's hard to balance take pictures of this for posterity with I want to live in the moment, but I suppose all generations after us will have to struggle with this, too.

Anyway, here's the last view of our inside Christmas decor until next winter:

All credit goes on Jon on Christmas decorations since I'm pretty much just a big Grinch. It's a great view, though, to see the lights and sit by the warmth of the fire {even if it is 38° here today -- take that, Colorado!}.