Sunday, February 2, 2014

Turning 26

Nothing special going on over here, but I thought the blog deserved an update, so here we go:

J and I haven't started 2014 in the best way... we've both gotten sick and been to the doctor twice since New Year's Day. Each time we go, we get matching steroid shots in our hip and are prescribed a cocktail of medicines like this:

We went to Oklahoma last weekend for a couple of reasons. One was to celebrate my Papa's birthday and have dinner with everyone, and the other was because Nick & Kaci had baby S, and we wanted to squeeze his cute little cheeks. :)

Because of wacky winter weather like this mess

and my daily outside morning duty, I finally ordered a "real" winter jacket. It looks like this and makes me feel warmer just looking at the picture:
Picture from the Columbia website
I'd made Meme promise not to make me any of her famous sweet treats for my birthday, since I'm trying to live a healthier lifestyle and still can't trust myself not to eat a whole box of junk in one sitting.

A couple days after we got home from our Oklahoma trip, I called her, and she mentioned that I should look for something in the mail. I didn't put two and two together, although I should have, since she was positively giggling with excitement. That afternoon, I came home to this:

Inside was this:

Had it not been for the snarky writing on the egg carton, I would've been concerned for her health for sending me a duct-taped egg carton at this point. Inside were these gems,

which are her famous peanut butter chocolate balls that I LOVE. I may or may not have eaten them all in two days. I had to restart my diet the next day. hah.

Speaking of my "healthy living," a bunch of ladies from work got Fitbits for Christmas, so I got to add them all as friends. I was motivated for a few months when I first got my Fitbit, but it got old after awhile because I felt like my only accountability was myself {which obviously doesn't work or I wouldn't be in this out-of-shape position in the first place}. I was pumped to add them all, and being able to have ten or so ladies on my Fitbit friends' list makes me so much more determined to get up and move. In fact, I've hit my 10,000 steps/day goal for 21 days in a row now! Even when I was going to the gym 4-5 times a week at this time last year, I wasn't meeting my goal on the weekends or on days that I didn't go to the gym, so this is huge for me.

I admit that there are days when I have to pace 3 or 4 miles inside my house -- J jokes that there are going to be holes in our floor where my "track" is -- but it gets the job done! I've found that walking slowly makes my Fitbit pick up more of my steps, so it's actually to advantage to read and walk at the same time. No excuses after that realization!

My school always announces birthdays {or half-birthdays, if your b-day is in the summer time} over the intercom during announcements. I was outside doing crosswalk duty Monday morning, so I guess I missed the announcement about my birthday. It's not until today, but my school takes the approach that it's better to be early than late. :) It was so sweet to hear students yelling, "Happy birthday, Mrs. K!" down the hall all day long, and I got lots of great hugs from my little friends. PTO was crazy-generous and absolutely spoiled me. I won't share everything they got me, but I do want to show a picture of these gorgeous flowers:

I so wish I'd have gotten a picture of the bottom of the vase because there are gold rocks in there! It's so pretty. I'm also not normally a fan of the smell of flowers, but this arrangement smelled heavenly in my classroom all day -- I didn't even need my Scentsy to cover up kid BO science smells that day. ;)

I am also proud to say that the admin building sends a birthday card to every employee every year. I don't even know half the people in the admin building because our district is so big, so it's extra-special to receive a card from them. It shows me that my school cares about their staff as people and not just workers, and that they take care of their employees.

I was so frustrated with God during the 2011-2012 school year because He didn't give me a teaching job as soon as I moved down here. But my position was filled that year, and the woman who was in my spot didn't retire until the end of the 2012 school year. It's so funny to look back at how frustrated I was with Him and kick myself for not being more faithful. He knew what He was doing... I just needed to have some patience. This spot is perfect for me, and I am so thankful for it!

J had to leave for a business trip this morning, so I am stuck by myself all day. There are only two birthdays where I have ever been alone, but this one is already better than the other one, so I'm not too upset. I currently have a nice fire going

and am about to enjoy some reading on my Kindle. My parents got me an Amazon gift card as part of my birthday gifts, and I already bought these 3 books with it:

Get it here

Get it here

Get it here

The hardest part will be deciding which to read first! I got a few of these bath bombs from Etsy, and they are the {pun intended}. The love spell scent makes me want to stay in the tub literally all day.

It will be a quiet day around here, but sometimes that's nice. :)


P.S. A week later, I feel the need to update this post to say that I was able to walk 26,000 steps on my 26th birthday {according to my Fitbit}. Sorry for being the person who posts annoying things about my fitness accomplishments, but I feel like this probably won't ever happen again, so I'm allowed to post it just once. :)

Proof. Boo-yeah.

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Brittany said...

Those books look great. I hope you get to feeling better… i have been sick too this year and all I can think is we are only in the beginning of February.