Sunday, December 15, 2013

Karas Christmas #1

Jon and I get to do a few Christmases each year, due to our families all getting together at different times. This is all about perspective for me. I used to think of it like I was a kid with divorced parents, having eleventy billion Christmases to attend, but now I'm trying to think of it as, "I'm stretching out the holiday season!" #choosejoy

Anyway, for the first time ever, Jon and I hosted a Christmas gathering. Here are some pictures from the night.

Reindeer donuts, courtesy of THIS site

Veggie Christmas Tree, courtesy of THIS site

I got "fancy" with my set up with free place cards I found somewhere on Pinterest. I dragged it into PowerPoint, typed in our dishes with a fun font, printed on cardstock for durability, and folded to create standing tent cards.
I'm mildly embarrassed to admit just how much I love this print.

I wanted to make a "coffee bar" around my new Keurig, but this was kinda the best I could do. haha.

Our tree was really starting to fill up after we added our gifts. You should've seen it after our family added theirs. I think we need a bigger tree...

Zooming in on our tree a little, check out this adorable ornament that my a family at school gave me for Christmas this week. It has a metal nativity scene and "snow" inside it. Precious!

I was hard at work, rolling dolla bills to make this creative Pinterest gift before our guests arrived. I found the poem on Pinterest but ended up making and printing it myself, since I couldn't find a free version anywhere.
We don't take many selfies, so naturally, we had to have one before our guests arrived.
One of the only pictures I got of actual people last night. Whoopsie.
Me, at the end of the night

 It was a good night. One more week of school before winter break {not that I'm counting down or anything}!


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