Sunday, December 8, 2013

Icemageddon 2013

Jon and I have been trapped in the house, going stir-crazy enjoying each other's company from being in the house for 3 days straight, so I thought I'd give ya a little blog update.

Let's rewind to last weekend, shall we? 

J and I went to visit my family in Oklahoma for Thanksgiving this year. After a delicious meal at Meme and Papa's house on Thursday, we headed to my parents' house to take a couple of pictures. My patient mother must have snapped 50 pictures of us. J and I are basically the least photogenic people on the face on the Earth, and it doesn't help that we have a hard time being serious long enough for someone to actually capture anything good. 

We got this photo, when my sister's boyfriend was imitating my dad's innate ability to look impatient and awkward in the background of all their pictures... and Jon was doing some dinosaur move, I think. Not really sure.

In case you don't follow my sister on Instagram, here's the picture they were making fun of:

Picture was stolen from Caitlin's Instagram. Muhaha... no picture is safe from me!
 Then we have this, where J is trying to pick me up and I'm just begging wrestling him {?} to be serious for one frickin' minute...

We also go this one... where Jon was trying for a cute, sorority-esque pose, and I was having NONE OF IT, as you can see below:

Sigh. We also had this moment of insanity, where we were trying to recreate a Titanic scene:

This one is closer to better. Jon looks like a cutie pie, but I wasn't thrilled with my side of the pic:

Soooo we got this ONE good picture of the two of us to commemorate Thanksgiving 2013. Seriously, y'all. It was what I imagine a photoshoot with a toddler would be like. I was so tired from fighting J for a decent picture, I was pretty much done after this one and resorted to reading on my iPad the rest of the afternoon. ;)

Editing courtesy of "A Beautiful Mess" app on my phone.
My crazy bargain-fiend sister and mother wanted to do some Black Friday shopping, so we dragged ourselves out of bed at 2 am and headed straight to Target. {I hadn't been BF shopping since 2011, but I was up for the challenge, ya know?} Apparently, Target only had things on sale like, the night before, so our trip was Target was really only useful for a giant red cup of yum.

I mean, not a bargain, but I'll take it. {P.S. The Caramel Brulee frappuccino -- NOT the latte -- is, y'all. Try it for yourself when you get an extra 6 bucks you don't mind spending on coffee. ...I'm not bitter at all about Starbucks' prices. ;) }

We left the house at 2:30 am and did not return until 10:30 or 11 am -- I was too exhausted to notice the time or even care, really. We did find some pretty rockin' bargains, so I guess it was worth it.

My parents were getting their roof redone when we returned back to their house, so my sister and I had to unload the car at the end of their mile-long driveway so my mom could park elsewhere and avoid getting her fancy SUV dinged up by the construction guys. Here's the picture she felt was necessary to snap of her pack-mule eldest daughter:

If teaching doesn't work out for me {most likely because I'm setting things on fire}, I can always run errands for the elderly and bring all their crap treasures in the house for them. ;) Good to know. | Also, you -- or maybe just my husband?? -- will be glad to know that not all of those bags are MINE, thankyouverymuch.

We all tried to nap through the incessant hammering and cursing of the guys on the roof {I'm not bitter about that either, in case you're wondering} before getting ready to go to a celebratory dinner for my sister's 20th birthday.

Also stolen from her Instagram. hah. Ignore the weird curl by my ear...
Last year, the leopard print was superb. This year, it looks like amoebas. But that kinda works, since Caitie is a medical major...
We came back to Texas on Saturday evening so that Jon could put the Christmas lights for his parents' addition. If you're in the area, drive by Ravenaux and admire his handy work!

The next day, he spent all day on this creation, which my friend Ami said is "one watt away from Christmas Vacation." haha!

I don't know why the sky looks so blue in this picture. It definitely did not look like that on my phone.
I hosted a science sale all week in the lab, so I was busy answering the "How much is this?" and "Do you have anything that costs 1 dollar?" questions about 359830593 times. ;) BTW: I calmly sold betta fish, tarantulas, hermit crabs, and dwarf African clawed frogs, in case you're wondering. In fact, they're sitting in the middle of my classroom as I type this... Feel free to stop by within the next day or so and buy them to support the science lab at my school. You know you need a tarantula in your house! ;)

The weather started getting yucky on Thursday, which I found really strange, since it was literally 80 degrees Monday-Wednesday.

We had a snow day on Friday, so my day started off like this:

We enjoyed the first two days of laziness: watching all our DVR'd shows, lounging in our sweatpants, and warming up next to a fire.

Today... well, I'm a bit bored at this point. {Hence, this post.} I am actually so bored at the moment that I am highly considering either writing some lesson plans or doing some sort of Pinterest workout.

Chores and working out... I've hit rock bottom, people. ;)

We don't have school tomorrow, either, so I better find something to do, STAT!

Hope you and yours are staying warm, cozy, and safe wherever you are!



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