Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas #3

My family came for a visit over the weekend to end our Christmas celebrations for 2013. It sure was nice to see them.

They got here midmorning on Saturday, and we went to Torchy's for lunch. My dad and sister tried the spicy Brushfire taco


and helped them break out in a nice sweat. :) We did a little bit of shopping before coming home and lounging in the living room for the afternoon.

We did catch Meme and Papa holding hands in the car, which was the sweetest thing ever.

I hope I can stand Jon after 55 years together. ... I kid, I kid. ;)

For dinner, Jon used a recipe I found online for pulled pork in the crock pot. We just started embracing the wonders of crock pot cooking this past fall, and I kick myself for not starting it sooner; it's so easy! I made baked potatoes and took care of some of the decor while Jon made green beans and corn bread. There's a running joke in our family that Jon is my Meme's favorite. She always goes out of her way to cook a big, fancy meal when he's around, and she just pours praise all over him. It's actually a little sickening, and I'm not saying that out of jealousy or anything.


My uncle Kent and I always joke that we are going to start some sort of Anti-Jon Club for holidays. Our uniform will consist of jeans with a t-shirt. The t-shirt will have a big picture of Jon on it with a slash right through the middle and the words "WE WERE HERE FIRST!" at the top.

I'm mostly kidding. I'm really thankful that my family loves Jon as much as they do....even if it does mean that I got edged out for the slot of "favorite." ;)

Anyway, the whole point of that side note was to point out that Meme complimented Jon for everything. The baked potatoes, the decor, the hostess touches, the cornbread out of a bag... I started to give her a hard time about it and texted Uncle Kent so I'd have someone to commiserate with.

We opened gifts in front of a fire before going out for yogurt and turning in for the night. That was the first time my family had gotten to see our Christmas lights in person this year, so we got to show off all our Jon's hard work.

My friend Ami says we're one watt away from Christmas Vacation status. haha.

Here's our new nativity scene, courtesy of Meme and Papa

In the morning, I got to show off our Keurig -- is it bad that I'm still in love with that thing? -- and all the wonderful things it can do.

I'm terrible at taking pictures when my family is around. I re-realized this and frantically snapped a few pictures this morning, while we all still had morning breath and hair. {Sorry, guys!}

That look of concern on my dad's face is because we were trying to teach him what a hashtag is. It. Was. Hysterical.
Papa looked pretty comfy and cozy in the recliner by the fire.

As kids these days would say, I look a little rachet. #sorrynotsorry #toocomfytocare

We had lunch before we said goodbye, and Jon and I headed off to give my car a bath at the new car wash by our house. When we have kids, forget Six Flags -- we'll probably just take the kiddies to the car wash.

I found this cool app called Flipagram {Okay. I didn't find it. My friend Jill used it first, and then I copy-catted and started using it, too.} and have been using it to make some slideshows with pics. It's super-easy! Here's a slideshow I made to summarize Christmas 2013 for Jon and me:

And, uh, yeah. That's N'Sync's holiday CD you hear in the background. NOT ASHAMED.

Here's the link if you want/need to view it bigger.

Hope you had a merry Christmas, too!


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