Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Recap

The new year is always a time of reflection for me. I love to look back on the past year, thinking about highs and lows and how incredibly lucky I am to live in my shoes.

Last year, Jon and I started a "memory jar" -- Pinterest inspired, of course. We kept a mason jar on a table in our kitchen, right next to a stack of sticky notes and an ink pen. We wrote down little moments on sticky note throughout the year. Sure, I remember the big things -- celebrating my 25th year on Earth, Jon's big promotion, Meme and Papa's 55th wedding anniversary, etc. But we wrote down little things that might have slipped our minds if not for our little memory jar.

Here's what I found in the jar:

Jon's handwriting:
  1. When Can lost 4 lbs and ran around the house dancing. I'm so proud of her! {1.10.13}
  2. Our love for 1/2 price peanut butter fudge shakes from Sonic {6.13.13}
  3. We had Can's radio night as I worked. I quizzed her with songs on YouTube but she was looking up the lyrics without me knowing. {No date}
  4. Can's "sorry not sorry!" saying {No date}
  5. Can, while watching TV: "It's that hobbit speak! Push the info button! I bet it's that Hobbit Lord thingy!" {11.25.13}
  6. When Candice thought the ceramic bowls I made in college were from me as a little kid. {10.12.13}
  7. Candice didn't want me to throw the hotel shower caps away because she saves everything. {7.20.13}
My handwriting:
  1. Cleaning the bedroom for the Blackbirds... Jon was ruthless about throwing things away, but we laughed a lot at my packrat ways. :) {7.20.13}
  2. As part of the P90x program, Jon and I did the yoga video. We were terrible at it and ended up fast forwarding and laughing through most of it. {1.20.13}
  3. I pulled a muscle in my back at the gym and couldn't get the ice pack to stay on. Jon tied a blanket around me like a sling/cape. {6.24.13}
  4. I was grumpy because of my new diet, so Jon set up a shooting video game and let me "kill" him a dozen or so times. {1.12.13}
  5. Driving back from Easter weekend in Oklahoma, Jon let me listen to cheesy 90's CDs like Aqua and Nellyville. I sang and danced in the passenger seat while he laughed like a good sport and drove. {No date}
  6. We washed cars together and then went for a bike ride. < 3 {4.21.13}
  7. Jon wore his blue workout shirt backwards...mowed the lawn and went to Home Depot in it. I'm never letting him dress himself again. {6.14.13}
  8. Movie ticket to The Heat with this note on the back: Surprise Chick-Fil-A lunch + a movie date. {6.29.13}
  9. We got spray tans before the cruise and weren't supposed to shower for 8-24 hours. Jon washed my hair in the kitchen sink so I could have clean hair without getting my bod wet. {6.14.13}
  10. The time I tried to demo how one of my kinder kids rubs my toenail during class and we had a wrestling match over it -- that ended in Jon's defeat. :) {10.7.13}
  11. Jon made dumplings for me in Chicago over Christmas so I would feel more at home. < 3 {12.25.13}
  12. Jon took Reese's peanut butter trees to Chicago, wrapped them, and put them on the nightstand next to our hotel bed on Christmas morning. He's always thinking of me! {12.25.13}
It was so fun to look through all those memories! I think this is a tradition we need to continue.


All my friends were using this app called Flipagram to turn their pictures into quick, 15-30 second slideshows. Here is my 2013 in pictures:

 Here's the link in case you want/need to view it in a bigger screen.

This year has been so fantastic. I feel so blessed and look forward to another great year in 2014.


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