Sunday, November 3, 2013

Baby Showers and Girl Scouts

I finally have something worth blogging about! *happy dance*

This weekend, Jon and I went up to Oklahoma. Because of Jon's recent promotion, we got to leave our house way earlier than we normally do, so we got to my parents' house at a reasonable hour and even got to talk to them before everyone went to bed. You have no idea what a big deal that is!

It felt good to be back.

I just loooove the trees this time of year!
Jon and my dad went golfing on Saturday morning. Although I have to admit that their closeness freaks me out a little sometimes, I am glad they get along so well. :)

Saturday afternoon was Kaci's baby shower! Baby Sam will be here around the end of January, so it was time to shower that kid with cute clothes, snuggly blankets, and lots of clean diapers. My Meme helped so much with the shower, and you can basically credit all cute things there to her. :) Here are a couple examples:

Baby rattles made out of skewers, marshmallows, and sprinkles

Her very first attempt at a diaper cake
...And that was just the beginning. Every time I see a project of hers, I think, "Are you kidding me?!?" I can't believe she makes all this stuff without ever browsing blogs or Pinterest

Kaci looked beautiful, as always, and was positively glowing. It was so sweet how she and Nick beamed with pride whenever Sam was mentioned; I can already tell they are going to be fab parents. 

We went out to eat with everyone last night, and it was so nice to all be together for an evening. I like living in Texas, but I still enjoy visiting my hometown. Oklahoma will always be home sweet home. 

Shirt found at Etsy

Jon and I had to leave pretty early this morning so we could be back for a tea party I was invited to attend {more about that later}. The ladies decided to snap a picture since the three of us were actually dressed up at the same time:

Two of my fav ladies -- Mom and Sister

Can you tell we're related? ;)

A fourth grade student of mine is a Girl Scout. She did a project with her troop about discovering strengths and finding strengths in others. They had to write about themselves, a celebrity, and then someone from their community that they admire. One of the girls in the troop picked me. :) She wrote a little something about me and read it in front of everyone at the tea party. Afterwards, she gave me a magnet and a keychain with a word cloud of all the sweet things she said about me:

It was So. Stinkin. Sweet. 

I loved getting to see some of my kiddos outside of school; that's when you really learn what makes them tick, you know? I got to have such a sweet little chat with the student who invited me. She revealed to me that she has a "favorite charity" -- Christ's Haven -- that she likes to donate to. This precious child -- a fourth grader, mind you -- donates part of her birthday and Christmas money, writes notes to the kids at the orphanage, and sends them toys when she can. When she told me that her favorite part about that organization is they "teach kids about Christ. You know, some of the kids are really mad at God because their parents abandoned them, but Christ's Haven shows them that they are still loved by God, no matter what," and that she's getting a group of girls together to make friendship bracelets to raise more money for the kids at the orphanage, I nearly cried.

I realize that my sweet little student invited me because she "admires" me, but... can I just say that I admire her? I don't know many ten year olds who are that selfless and kind all on their own. I get chills, just thinking about it. I am overwhelmed with pride about this young lady, and I know she is not the only student I have that is this amazing. I tell ya, friends, I am so, so blessed to work in a great community with fantastic kiddos.



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