Sunday, September 29, 2013

You Are Worth Dying For.

I was reading Modern Modesty, and I came across this post. Watching the video she embedded into that post moved me to blog about it myself...

I think all ladies should hear this message:

Here is what he says, in case you can't watch the video:

You are beautiful.
You are smart.
You are funny.
You are kind.
You are unique.
You are worthy of love and affection.
You are never too much,
and you are ALWAYS enough.
You are precious.
You are a diamond,
A rose, a pearl, the most stunning of all God's creation.

You are worth more than you could EVER imagine.
WORTH more than the numbers on the scale,
Or the hair product you use, or shoes you wear.
More than how many girls wish they were you,
Or how many guys wish they had you.
More than the price tags on your clothes,
or the percentage on the top of your math test,
or even the number of followers you have on Twitter.
Your worth surpasses ALL earthly things,
because in the eyes of the Lord God,
You are loved, and you are WORTH dying for.

Regardless of who you think you are,
Whether you model in a magazine,
Or you model pottery with your grandma.
Whether you're on the hot list or the not list,
Whether you're head cheerleader, or a high school drop-out
Whether you're Miss Popular, or you never had anyone you could call a friend.
Whether you love yourself and love your life,
Or you can't stand to look in the mirror and you feel as if everything in your life is falling apart.
Whether you're such a winner,
Or you feel like the world's biggest failure.

Regardless of who you think you are, the reality is,
You deserve Someone who will give up their LIFE for you,
Read about the women in the Bible, Esther, Ruth, Martha, Mary,
These women changed the world FOREVER.
And inside of you EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU is a women with that same POWER
and your responsibility is to find that women and SET THAT WOMEN FREE!

This is WHO YOU ARE,
And any voices in your mind that try to tell you differently,
Are from the ENEMY!
And the next time you hear that voice, you say,
"NOT ME SATAN," I am the Daughter of the LIVING GOD,


Please, don't you forget it!

-John Jorgenson

I wish I could show this at school. How different would my self-esteem have been as a teen if I had heard this message back then?

Please share this video with all the ladies in your life and know that you are worth more than you could ever imagine... you are worth dying for.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Is it Friday Yet?

Today started out rough.

The outfit I had in mind turned out not to work quiiiitteee like I'd hoped, so I rushed around to find another outfit. I was having a "fat day," so finding another outfit turned out to be easier said than done. My hair was flat and uncooperative, and I ended up leaving the house 10 minutes late.

I got stuck in traffic on the way to work and had to text my principal to tell him I would be a few minutes late. While I'm stuck in traffic, I checked my email and found a forward from my principal. It was a heart-felt article written by the mother of two children from Sandy Hook; one passed away last year, and the other is a survivor. I start crying while I'm reading it, thinking, "this poor woman!" I'm an ugly crier, so I was thankful I have tinted windows on my car. You'll be glad to know I cleaned up my Alice Cooper look before school:

Once in the parking lot, I ran in the door, booted up my computer, locked my purse away, and ran back out the door for morning duty.

25 minutes later, I ran back to my classroom, ran to the cafeteria to get ice for today's investigation, filled up my mug with water, and ran back to my class.

I don't really even like to run that much at the gym, so this was a bit much for me before 8:15 AM.

I'd devised a "measurement stations" lesson for my 4th graders today. It did not work. I stupidly tried to cram 6 station rotations into a 1 hour segment of class, and it was just too much. Add that to the fact that our morning was graced by a fire first hour was mass chaos.

By the middle of my second period, I start forming a plan for how I can eliminate 3 of the stations for my last two classes. I'm rollin' in the deep with the punches, y'all.

After lunch is my plan time, so I make a massive Walmart list, answer 70-billion emails, print/staple/cut/laminate/copy a ream of paper, and head off to get some lab supplies at the local Walmart.

I've never been to this establishment before, so I have no idea where things are. I first encounter an issue when I'm looking for an air popcorn popper.

There are two workers standing together by the home goods, so I politely ask for their help in locating a popper. One bursts out laughing and says, "Whatchoo need an air poppa for?"


The nice other one starts on the popper hunt with me. After -- seriously -- 15 minutes of looking, she calls to another home goods lady to help us.

Lady número dos speaks about dos words of English.

She thinks I'm looking for a chopper.

Then she thinks I'm looking for a microwave.

We finally locate the only air popper in the store...only to find out they are sold out and "can you come back tomorrow?" No. No, I cannot.

I finally say I'll order it online and ask for their help finding one more item: a food dehydrator.

Lady número dos thinks I want a juicer.

After I finally manage to explain what a food dehydrator is, she wants to lead me on another scavenger hunt though the store. The first lady is still with us at this point and asks her, "Can't you just tell us where it is?" To which the second lady replies, "this big area. I not remember all."


I finally say I'll order that online, too 'cause

I wander to their "school supply aisle," which is about 12 feet long. Seriously. It's pitiful. (#firstworldproblem?) I need some hole punches.

I stomp up and down to aisle for a few minutes before giving up and asking an employee.

She takes her sweet time meandering to the school supply aisle in her house shoes and hands me a 3-hole puncher. I tell her I need one of the single, hand punches. She says, "You can make this punch just one hole." I say, "No... I'm a teacher, and I need to buy 12 of them. I'm looking for the cheap, $1, silver, one-hole punchers."

Her reply?

"Oh. We ain't got that."

This place is starting to make me twitch. I move on before my head starts spinning around.

This Walmart organizes things much differently than my regular store does, so I have to keep pacing back and forth across the store, trying to complete my list.

I'm finally down to the last item: Graham Crackers. I'm frustrated and just want to get the heck outta there, so I ask a sales associate with 2 teeth where the dang-oh Graham Crackers are. He tells me, "Well, you gotta look in the cracker aisle!"

Me, through gritted teeth: "I'm in the food section. I see no aisle labeled 'crackers.' Please enlighten me."

Him: "It's in the hallway with the chips."

I'm baffled. Hallway? Does this store have a secret, Narnia-like passageway that's reserved only for chips and crackers?

I find the "hallway" -- uh, the next section over -- but can't find the frackin' Graham Crackers. There are Ritz crackers...Goldfish crackers... Club crackers... Cheez-Its... No Graham Crackers.

I muster up the courage to ask an employee, and he directs me to the cookie aisle. Of course they're in the cookie aisle! Not that their name would suggest they should be with the crackers or anything.


I finally make it back to the school and unload my 55475758 bags.

It takes me until 6:30 pm to finish answering emails, finalizing details on Family Science Night, working on the behavior management program I'm using this year, getting jobs in my volunteer bucket, and setting up for tomorrow's science lessons.



Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Classroom Tour

I spent some time this summer, cleaning, organizing, and decorating my classroom. My decor {or lack of it} last year drove me nuts, but I was really just concentrating on finding cool investigations for the kids and I to do. Now that I have a year of Science Lab under my belt, I can focus this year on tweaking everything to get it one step closer to perfection...

I managed to snap a few pictures before my little friends came in for their first sessions and, er, altered some of the decor. ;)

Anyway. Here's a panoramic view:

The lines you see on the floor are for when the kids sit on the tile. It works like a "teacher carpet" but without the huge cost and without having to clean carpet whenever I do messy demos at the front. ;) 

Here's a close-up of a whiteboard. I use the green outlines to show students where to put things in their notebooks. The scientific method is above it.

Here are our safety posters + our "scientist of the month" feature. I'm going to change the featured scientist every month. Kids can read quick facts about the scientist or a book about them after they're finished with the investigation.

Here's a zoomed-out view of that wall. I like that there are books about Einstein on the whiteboard shelf now; I'm surprised how many students are eager to finish their investigations early so they can read about him! Mostly, though, I just looooove that my littles love to read. :)

Under this black curtain is a big, ugly, industrial-looking steel shelf. It looked too unorganized for my tastes last year, so I sewed this curtain {with help from my mother-in-love} and Velcroed it to the top of the shelf. It's working great so far! 

I have to accommodate 5 grade levels worth of vocabulary words, so my word wall has strips of ribbon hanging down from each letter... I use a mini clothespin to clip key words to the "wall" while we're on that unit, and then I can easily take them down/switch them out afterwards.

Motivational posters at the end of my word wall/on the cabinets:

Here's a better view of the valences my mother-in-love helped me sew. I am in love with that fabric.

A furry friend made of recycled materials + a motivational quote... this "dry erase" board was made out of a picture frame and some scrapbook paper, courtesy of my sister for Christmas last year.

I covered an opening under the sink with a dowel rod and another curtain. It's been working perfectly so far.

I didn't show the view of my actual desk, but there's a bulletin board board behind it that's all about "Mrs. K." It's nice to sit down next to pictures that make me smile while I'm slaving away at lesson plans. :)

Here's my "teaching desk." My lesson plan binder is here, as well as my doc camera, my iPad connector, my laptop, my remotes, etc.


My hallway bulletin board is pretty much the size of a football field, so I had to break it into pieces to take pictures:

 It says, "In a galaxy far, far away, OUES students excitedly say, "Science Lab is fun in every way!"

This rocket is my pride and joy. My sweet friend helped me make it out of foam board, fabric, ribbon, pipe cleaners, and scrapbook paper. I SO owe her for helping me!

Here's another bulletin board I have around the corner {also in the hallway}. The art teacher graciously made my Yoda to match with this year's district theme, and then my 4th graders added the speech bubbles. {They had to think of a way they are scientific or a science topic they enjoy and write it like Yoda would say it. I got a lot of "Explosions I like." but I think my favorite is the "Mrs. K. we love."}

I'm in the middle of the third week, and I am just worn out. This picture pretty much sums it up:


Fellow teachers, can I get an amen?

But I'm so lucky to live what I love.