Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cruisin': Days 3-4

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Days 3 and 4 of our trip {Monday and Tuesday} were sea days for us. Here was our "schedule:"

  • Sleep in
  • Go to deck 9 for some breakfast
  • Go back to the cabin and take a nap
  • Slather ourselves in sunscreen, grab our towels and Kindles, and head to the top deck to catch some rays
  • Get our sun tan on... + take a couple trips down the water slide while reading and sipping ice cold drinks in the bright sun rays over the Gulf of Mexico
  • Go back to the cabin and take another nap
  • Shower and clean up before dinner
It was a rough life there for a couple of days, I gotta say. 


A and M opted for room service every morning, but J and I went to the buffet. The room service was nice, but they always seemed to leave something out. Plus, we liked the variety of the buffet. It wasn't until a few days in that I discovered the deliciousness + light fluffiness of their waffles, so I pretty much loaded up on those for breakfast every day. Breakfast of champions, right?

A and M's upgraded suite purchase put them on the 7th floor, which I think is where J and I were on our honeymoon cruise. This trip, however, we were placed right under the spa, on deck 10. I didn't think this would be a problem... until the first night. Apparently, at night, the staff does some crazy garbage-can-band concert in the spa. Okay, probably not. But there was a constant clanging of metal objects every half hour or so alllllll through the night. Good thing we could take all those naps during the day. ;)

Since our sea days consisted of so many naps and just general laziness, we didn't get many pictures. But here are the few we did get:

Obligatory picture of the ocean

Thumbs up for lazy days at sea!

They made us an icy snowman!
I read I'd Know You Anywhere by Laura Lippman and most of The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly

Monday night was the first "formal" night on the ship, so here we are, all gussied up {what do you mean, you can tell I'm from the south?!}:

Miss M's dress was so pretty -- as was/is she!

I borrowed that dress from M. :)
Lobster was offered for dinner that night, so you know the boys were all over it.

I personally think it looks like the chef ate the lobster and then puked it back onto this plate, but whatev. Clearly, I am not cut out for fancy dinners. I'll take a burger and some fries, thanks.

This also started a trend where the boys ordered multiple dishes at every opportunity. I bet the Carnival crew was ready to get us off that ship ASAP... But hey, at least we got our money's worth in food. ;)


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