Friday, June 28, 2013

Cruisin': Day 6

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Day 6 {Thursday} was our day in Grand Cayman. It seemed like the most "Americanized" and wealthy of the ports of call to me.

Unfortunately, J was still feeling very sick from the day before, so he actually opted to stay in our cabin on the ship all day long. It was a little sad for me to leave him behind, but we knew he needed the rest and recovery time. He actually only got his appetite back about 30 minutes before I came back. :(

M, A, and I all went to Stingray City. There were 10-15 people in our excursion that didn't show up, so we wondered if they had the same bug that J caught. Boo.

Alright, y'all. I already touched a nasty stingray and swam with a dolphin in Jamaica. Even the thought of getting in the water the day before with a couple of dolphins made me cry little tears-of-fear {I was scared other sea creatures were going to get through the nets and eat me. No joke}... but swimming with a bunch of still-barred stingrays without my husband to protect me?!


Luckily, M and A were nice about helping me. They made a little "Candice sandwich" so I'd have the least chance of getting touched by a stingray. I also found a friend: a girl a little younger than me was pretty scared stiff, too, so we bonded over some petrified smiles/grimaces while trying our best to avoid the slimy things.

We took a 15 minute bus ride to the boat, and then took about a 30 minute boat ride out to Stingray City.

Not our boat, but close enough
The water is about waist-deep, so we all got off the boat and did the "stingray shuffle" to avoid getting stung. Cool, right?



Luckily, the water was a gorgeous, clear blue:

Buuutttt that meant I could see the stingrays all the more clearly...

{I am shuddering as I type this, in case you're wondering.}

A photographer was there, taking pictures of families/couples posing with and petting the stingrays. I was perfectly content to avoid that mess, but my friends pulled me in.

My smile is def. fake

This smile is fake, too. I was trying to inch away.

Bro decided to run the stingray across our backs... I wanted to punch him.

So we huddled up around the stingray and took a picture. When it was over, I thought, "Yippee skippy. Get me the crap outta here!" But they had other plans in mind: they wanted us to kiss that slimy thing! Ridic! I must've mean-mugged the photog pretty good because she said to me, "Uh, how about you just fake it?" Looks like she did a pretty good job on the angles because it looks like my lips are touching that stupid thing, but I can promise you I was a good 6" away.

Things were just peachy...
So while I'm fake-kissing the stingray's ugly mug, it decides to be a little flirt and flap it's, er... arm? wing? Whatev. It flapped something and hit me square on the lips! I guess our stingray hadn't been gettin' a lot of action in the ocean lately, so he had to take what he could get.

This was right after that ornery sucker slapped me in the face. Silver lining: who else can say they got slapped in the face by a stingray?! Cool teacher points, right?
Afterwards, we took the boat back to the shore and hopped on the bus for another 15 minutes to get to Tiki Beach.

I was still kinda bummed about leaving J behind, and M and A had gotten sunburned the day before, so we just hung out under the shade. M and I went into the water for a bit, but you can bet we didn't go too far in, and I sure was watching for anything moving under that water. Blech!

The beach looked like something out of a postcard, though:

I took this for J, telling him that those were the seats we were supposed to be sitting in. :(

We had a little bit of time left when we got back from our excursion, so M and A humored me while I shopped a bit. M helped me navigate while A followed behind, like this:

The sun was burning through his shirt, so he wore the towel like a cape as we shopped. It's easy to see why he and J are best buds.

Luckily, by the time we got back to the cabin, J was feeling a little better. We had our last formal night on Thursday, but I don't think we snapped any pictures. J was still recovering, and I just wasn't in the mood to dress up. Whoops. The food was still good, though.


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