Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cruisin': Day 2

You can read about days 0-1 {pre-trip and our time in New Orleans} by clicking HERE.


On Sunday morning, we enjoyed the continental breakfast provided by the hotel, as well as some left over sandwiches and fruit that had been packed for the car ride the day before.

Our boarding passes said we could get into our rooms between 1-3 pm, but we didn't feel like exploring NOLA any more, so we went a little early.

Here was our first look at the ship when we pulled into the parking garage:

Carnival Conquest

Carnival Conquest
A and M upgraded to a suite room, so they had priority boarding and priority debarkation. Luckily, J and I got to ride on their coattails for that perk. :) We skipped the line and got to sit in the VIP room, sipping lemonade and eating cookies until they called our name. ...It was rough, in case you're wondering.

This might be my favorite most-recent picture of us. Look how tan we are!
It was a little strange to get on the boat so early; because we arrived a little early and skipped the whole line, I think we were on the boat by noon. We hung out at the top of the ship for a little while while we waited for our luggage to arrive at our room.

View of NOLA from the boat

Two of our favorite friends :)

J and I packed a few hangers this time, so we took our time to unpack our suitcases before exploring the ship and getting ready for our first dinner on the Conquest.


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