Tuesday, June 11, 2013

730 Days

Today marks 730 days of marriage for us, and what a great anniversary it was!

Photo by Tulsa Expressions Photography | Used with permission

J had to work all day {boo! Although I'm so proud of his sales today! :) }, so I went shoppin' for some last minute cruise items and hung out with a friend for awhile.

He picked me up at home like the good ol' days of dating, and we headed to our little anniversary spot: a Cajun restaurant down the street. Since the first day of our honeymoon was in New Orleans, we think of this restaurant as a way to be as authentic as possible while we're still close to home.

For my next gift, I want a facelift to get rid of my weird, lazy eye.
We went out for ice cream afterwards, since Jon has a firm belief that "calories don't count on holidays" (one of the many things I like about him). Yum!

Did you know all Sonic shakes are half price after 8 pm?! Holla!

We're soooo excited about our anniversary cruise, but this was a good date to hold us over until its time to board the ship. :)

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