Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hello, Spring!

It's 5:30 on the last day of Spring Break. I'm a little bummed, to say the least, so I thought writing a blog post might lift my spirits.

Spring Break was fabulous! The only thing that wasn't fabulous was that the week absolutely felt like it flew by. For the record, I'm totally willing to participate in a Spring Break do-over... you know, in case any of my admin ever read this blog. ;)

The first weekend of SB was fairly uneventful. On Saturday, Jon and I finally joined this century and updated our printer to the wireless variety. We I still get a kick out of printing things from my iPhone or iPad. I < 3 technology! As if that wasn't enough dough to drop in one day, we ended up spending a tad more: we bought a desk. And when the Karases do something, we "go big or go home," so we bought a massive, solid wood, L-shaped desk with 2 coordinating bookshelves. I'd show you a picture of it, but it's not photo-ready, yet {more about that later}.

Monday morning, Jon was back off to work as normal...and so was I. I helped with my school's mini-science camp. We had 3 {half} days of science fun, and I think everyone had a good time. Here was what we did on day number 1:

Pop rockets!
I wish I could show you the video we took of the kids shooting them into the air, but I can't/won't for privacy reasons... sigh.


On March 12, we celebrated remembered went on about our daily lives on the first anniversary of our "home ownership." Here's a trip down memory lane that I posted for #ThrowbackThursday on Instagram:

How has it already been a year?! Read the original story by clicking HERE.
We have come so far with this little house in a year.... we're just adding the finishing touches now. Speaking of finishing touches, check out our new kitchen mat:

Customized mat courtesy of ThePreppyLadybug on Etsy
I searched for almost a solid year for a kitchen mat that goes with our colors and that I like... no dice. Finally, I turned to Etsy, Internet-motherload of all things cool, and found this little beauty. I love the quatrefoil design, and I'm pretty much diggin' anything preppy with a monogram, so... it's perfect. And it's pretty padded and comfy, too! It almost makes me want to do dishes! ...Almost, people. Don't get too carried away.

We I {let's be honest -- Jon really doesn't care about this that much} also ordered some towels for our guest bathroom:

Towels courtesy of Designs By Them on Etsy
You probably already know that I loooovveee Chevron print, and when you pair it with a monogram, I'm super in-love. Our towel rack is really long, so we ordered one more "K" towel to frame the all-Chevron one; it's on our way as I type this. Our shower curtain is mint and brown, so I'm going to see if I can find a mint towel to hang underneath the Chevron-towel trio to give it a little bit of color. I love it right now, anyway.

Wednesday was my Mom's birthday {shoutout to my Mama!} and a monumental day: a new Pope was chosen. Although I'm not Catholic, I still think it's a big deal, so I tweeted about it:

Click any picture to enlarge
I also thought of a few humorous things to say about the matter {read: I'm not making fun of the Pope or Catholics. I just saw a comedic opportunity and pounced on it}, and I may or may not have gotten a little out of hand with it:

You can read the full extent of my wit by following me on Twitter

Jon and I are still going strong on our diets. He's doing really well. Me? Eh. I've dropped some pounds, but Easter Crack Reese's Easter Eggs are really hindering my progress. Here's how I felt about my diet this week:

Jon let me join a really great gym that's close to my work and pretty cheap {as far as gyms go}, so I'm actually really excited to attend classes and add a stop there to my daily schedule. 

Jon's friends from college had a "guy's weekend" that started on Friday night, so Jon took off Friday to spend some extra time with me before he left. We had breakfast at this cute little cafe down the road and ended up finding a really cool recreation center about 10 miles from our house. If anyone wants to play basketball, shoot some pool, or challenge me to a racquetball game, it's $5 for a day pass! Holla! 

We took one picture before he left:

I spent Friday night installing the book shelves exactly where we wanted them. On Saturday, I made a trip to Hobby Lobby to get some organizing boxes. I bought so many that they ended up giving me a massive sack to carry them in. Here I am later, when the insanity of organizing all kinds of our crap lost treasures had already sunk in:

That's right: I'm in the sack. Told you it was massive.
I spent the better part of my weekend organizing and lesson planning. Like I said, it's still not ready to show off yet, so I'll save the office reveal for another post. 

Goodbye, Spring Break 2013. Rest in peace.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Soft Kitty

There are some things that can cheer a gal up on even the worst of days -- sweet snail mail from a friend is definitely one of them.

My friend Johnna just published a book she co-authored with a friend of hers, and she sent me a copy of it {Get your copy by clicking HERE.}, along with a sweet letter, card, and bookmark:

<3 td="">
She also urged me to look at the acknowledgements, and I'm so glad I did, because I saw my name!

You see that, Jonathan? I'm the greatest. It's in print. No denying it now.

I am just big enough of a dork to do a full happy dance about seeing my name -- not just my name, but my name in reference to me -- in print in an actual book.

Don't judge.

There is just something so special about snail mail {that isn't a bill}. I used to be really good about sending my friends snail mail when I was in college...and then life hit me in the face and I've had such limited time since then. Sorry, friends, for not only neglecting my portion of the snail mail, but for even neglecting to write posts on our silly little blog! I'm hoping that after this first year in my new job position settles down, I'll have more time and energy to stop eatingsleepingbreathing my job.

On another note:

I definitely remember being sick a lot during my student teaching; it was probably because my little friends liked to be in my face 24/7. Then I taught middle school and high school and very rarely got sick. I think that was probably because teenagers have 2920395039 places they'd rather be than close to the teacher. Now that I'm back in an elementary school, I'm sick all the time again! And so is Jon. I think we keep passing it back and forth to each other. Some cold + some allergies = miserable K family.

In my sick and groggy state this morning, I decided that I would check the weather to help me determine what to wear. I checked it on my weather app but was unsure about the wind speed -- would a dress be okay to wear for outside duty this morning? I trudged to the kitchen, fully intent on poking my Bride of Frankenstein-esque bod {you know, because that's what I wake up looking like} out onto the back porch for a couple minutes to see if the wind was too strong to wear a dress.

I totally forgot that we just activated our alarm system.

Before my cold little foot could even hit the back porch, the alarm was screeching at me in this God-awful noise that I think my family back in Oklahoma probably could've heard.

It was quite a wake-up call at SIX THIRTY IN THE MORNING. Sigh. {Sorry, neighbors! Just wanted to make sure you weren't late for work! Heh...heh...}

My day kinda went downhill after that, so I think I'm just going to take some cold medicine and go to bed right now.

In case you're wondering, I am as pitiful as Sheldon when I'm sick:

And yes, you are welcome to sing me "Soft Kitty." I hear it helps.