Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Illinois 2012

For those of you that don't know, J is originally from Illinois. Specifically, he's from a little suburb about an hour outside of Chicago, but when we refer to our trips up there, we just call it "Chicago." {Side note: did you know you're not supposed to pronounce the /s/ at the end of "Illinois"? Did you also know that if you pronounce the /s/ sound, anyway, it absolutely drives Jon up the wall? File that tidbit of info away for future visits with him....bwahaha!}


There's an annual trip to Chicago in the summertime because of "the big birthday party." Our nephew was born at the end of June and the niece that lives in IL was born mid-July, so there's a joint-birthday party around the beginning of July. {B-day shout-out to S and little J!}

I'd finished laundry and packing on Thursday, so after I went for a jog on Friday morning, I got to relax. :) I found this picture online that pretty accurately describes our packing situation:

idk where I found this online...sorry for not giving appropriate credit. :-/

While I was waiting for J to get home, I ended up watching Gangland on TV and tweeting about what I learned:

Literally, every single time I read that succession of tweets, I laugh out loud. Does anyone else laugh at their own jokes as much as I do?! Probably not. But at least I know one person is laughing... ;)

Jon took off of work a little early so we could get to the airport on time. I did some people watching, which is one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes I feel like going to the airport is like going to the State Fair, except it's here for my viewing pleasure year-round. Apparently, flowered leggings (for adults) are in style now...who knew?! Guess I'll continue to be unstylish, because you sure won't catch me following that trend. {I also think I decided that I'm going to the airport when I need something to do or write. I'm sure it'll provide hours of entertainment!}

J's parents have a townhouse a few minutes away from my brother- and sister-in-law's house, but I'm allergic to the cat that lives there, so my BIL and SIL let us stay with them. {Thanks, y'all!}

Our nephew, little J, was turning 6, and he has a current obsession with baseball and superheroes. Jon and I kept getting whacked with little J's blow-up bat. I can't remember if this happened on Friday or Saturday, but Jon finally borrowed the bat to visit our niece, S, who was holed up in her bedroom, probably avoiding her crazy aunt and uncle:

Yeah. He's holding a blow-up bat and wearing a Spider Man mask.

Sorry, J. You knew this was going on the blog, honey.

There were some really funny quotes from my nephew, but it seems that this is the only one I tweeted:

We obviously had a good time. ;)

The kids' birthday party was a hit, even though it was technically only little J's party {S decided to have a sleepover, instead....ah, I remember those days! :) }.

On Sunday, some of us went golfing. I pretty much get bored after about 6 holes, so I opted to save the money and just go along for the ride, instead. I had several mysteries on my Kindle set up to read, but I ended up re-reading The Help. I think it gets better every time I read it. :) {I also got a funky sunburn from the way I was sitting...curse you, pasty-white skin!}

Here are a couple of pics in the cart... one from the beginning, when my hair was down...and one toward the end when I thought, "forget this. It's hot!" and decided to forgo fashion in favor of a ponytail.

{Does anyone else think the picture on the right features me with a Quagmire face?! Definitely going on a diet this week....}
Jon played good. :) There was one time he ended up in the sand pit, though. I was concentrating on my book and wasn't paying attention until he said, "Hey, Candice. Look to your right. Do you feel like we're on a beach vacation?" I saw the sand, but there was no ocean water. :)

Awkward shot. He has better follow-through than this, people, I promise!
Monday was a bit of a lazy day...we just laid around, talked, and ate. I felt like my belly was going to explode after we got done eating on Monday. Phew, that IL food is filling. :)

We ended up getting home around midnight last night. Here's a picture of the sunset I saw during the flight:


I got a window seat on both flights, which was nice, but... turns out, I get airsick! Ugh. I don't know what has happened to me in the past couple of years, but I swear, I can't even turn my head without feeling nauseated! I wanted to look out the window during the flight, but I had to limit myself, because as soon as I saw the ground swirling beneath us {as we turned to follow the flight path}, I would turn so pale that J actually grabbed the barf bag and got it ready to catch a little somethin' somethin'. {Ewwie.} Good thing the flight to O'Hare is only about 2 hours long. :)

Here's my last tweet of the trip. I said it on the way home from the airport: {There's construction between the airport and our house, and it completely closes a certain road after 8 pm. We were taking an alternative route and I had my head down, playing with my phone, so I wasn't paying attention to where we were. Plus, it was dark, and...if you know me, you know how I am with directions. I really had no clue where we were.}

Thanks for letting us visit, Illinois-family!