Saturday, June 9, 2012

Movin' On Up

Lots of positive things have been happening to Jon and me lately! Phew...where do I start?!

1. J accepted a new job position! Starting Monday, he is a sales representative for a company that sells pharmaceuticals to animal clinics. I personally think he's going to be great at it -- animals and animal drugs are totally his thing. (Um, not that he does animal drugs. He's just good at knowing all about them...*insert foot in mouth*)

I was having visions of The Office when he was telling me about this job, but Jon's position won't allow him to just drop in on any office and pitch a product -- his primary clients are ones on the west coast.

Dwight and Jim on a traveling sales call
It's bittersweet for him to leave the clinic; he's been with them since high school! Jon started working for them as a kennel person back in 2004, got promoted to a Vet Tech in 2006, and then landed this Practice Manager position fresh out of college. There are lots of memories there -- even I have memories of the clinic! -- so I know he'll be stopping by to visit often. :)

2. Our niece, Alyssa, graduated from 2nd grade. I met J's parents at her awards assembly. Here's a pic:

I didn't blur A's face; she's just so wiggly that the camera couldn't keep up, I guess. ;) We got to watch Alyssa receive a science award and a folder full of other honors. Whoo-hoo!

Oh, and notice that I'm a little more dressed up as usual.... I was on my way to a job interview (squeeeee!). Things are looking up for me in the job world; I'm going back for my third interview at the central office on Tuesday. I hope we can seal the deal then. :) If I officially get the position, rest assured that I'll be telling pretty much everyone I know, because the school is ah-mazing, and I would be so, so, so proud to work there.

3. Our master bathroom counter top came in! In case you didn't read the mess of an entry I posted about an incomplete house, here's the short version: until a few days ago, we STILL did not have the counter top for our master bathroom (which means we had no sinks in there...which means we had no water in there...which means the two of us were sharing our tiny guest bathroom. Boo.) or our furniture. Lowe's finally called and told us our counter top came in!! I mean, it only took about 2 months of waiting...but who's counting, right? ;) Jon got it installed and it's b-e-a-UTIFUL!

Here's J, in the midst of installing everything
He pretty much designed this entire counter and vessel-sink combo himself; didn't he do a great job?!

Top view of our fancy new sinks. See that circle inside the middle of the sink? Just push it down to stop up the sink. It's possible I played with that feature for a good 5 minutes.

Side view of one of the sinks. Ignore that mess in the background; I'm still working on getting everything organized the way I like it. :)
4. Our bedroom furniture is...well, less of a mess. Um, hooray. Number four isn't quite as positive as the rest of this post, but it's still better than the situation in my last blog post about the house ("An Incomplete House" -- click to read it). After verbally wrestling with Room Store the phone for TWO HOURS, J and I decided to cancel our couch and chair order and just stick with the bedroom furniture from that company. The couch was what was holding us up -- there was some sort of delay in its delivery to the warehouse. J and I weren't totally in love with the couch, anyway -- it was the bedroom furniture we were most concerned about. The main thing about the bedroom furniture is that it has two piers that go on either side of our bed (lots of storage in them, as well) and a lighted bridge that connects them at the top, much like our entertainment center. We were definitely in L-U-V with that design, and we couldn't find it anywhere else (believe me, we looked)! So all the bedroom furniture is at the warehouse and ready to be delivered.....FINALLY!! Since they have to bring the furniture down from North Carolina, they said it would be 3-4 weeks before the furniture is in our house. ...Last time I checked, it doesn't take 3-4 weeks to get from NC to TX (unless you're traveling by horse and buggy?!), but I'm going to go with it. As soon as the furniture is delivered, we can finally wash our hands of Room Store and never have to do business with them again. THAT calls for a genuine "hooray!"

5. Our couch and chair were delivered today! Um, wait. I just told you that we cancelled our couch and chair order, didn't I? Let me back up. After we cancelled that order, we decided to go shopping to try to replace them last Saturday. My mother-in-love recommended this local place called The Luxury of Leather. We thought it sounded too expensive for us, but we were willing to at least give it a shot. We walked in and liked some of the pieces, but we didn't love anything enough to spend any significant amount of money on it. But the salesman approached us and told us that the pieces on the floor were mostly just for show; this store specializes in making custom pieces. We thought there was no way we could afford to purchase a custom piece of leather furniture, but because there was a sale going on + it was "no tax weekend" (saving us over $400) and we got a special discount from the salesman (another 'over $400' situation), we decided to take the plunge. I'm telling you: The Luxury of Leather has thought of it all. We got to choose pretty much everything:
  • leather type (how processed do you want it?)
  • leather color (we chose dark brown)
  • cushion firmness (we chose medium)
  • depth of cushion (we added 2" to every cushion)
  • depth of back (we added 4" to the back of our chair)
  • leg shape (we chose square)
  • leg color (we chose dark, to match our leather)
  • shape of sectional (we chose L-shaped)
  • number of cushions on each side of the sectional (we chose 2 and 3 with a corner cushion)
  • extras (options to get removable drink-holders/arm-rests that could be inserted in between the cushions and taken out at your whim -- we declined.)
Phew! These pieces were obviously more expensive, but we're OK with it. We knew that junk from Room Store would have to be replaced in 2-3 years, max, and these are pieces that will last for many years. (You can read more about their craftsmanship by clicking here.) As soon as we ordered, the salesman wanted to set up a delivery date...for 7 days later. Whaa..?! I mean, this company literally hand-crafts every single piece of furniture at their work center in Dallas; we were blown away that they could have it ready that quickly (especially when we compared it to the fiasco we're experiencing with Room Store, who apparently had to plant the trees and wait for them to be big enough to cut down before they could start making our furniture...sigh)! Here's what I sent to my mom as soon as we walked out of the store:

They said they would call the day before our scheduled delivery date to set up a good window of time for arrival. I was a little apprehensive yesterday. I mean, I've been down this road before. I've stared at the phone like a lonely teenage girl, waiting for a call about furniture delivery, and the phone has stayed silent in the past. But sure enough, quite early in the day, we got a call.

The window they gave us was from 9-11 am. They arrived at 9:15. Seriously, Luxury of Leather -- I am singing. Your. PRAISES!! :) Here are some pics to relieve you from all this reading:

Our living room is a lot bigger than we estimated it to be, or else our couch is a lot smaller than we estimated. :) In any case, it doesn't really fill up our living room, and we had to move the entertainment center to make everything look "right." But we're glad we did it that way so that there's a big walk way.

6 cushions to fix 6 people on our 1 couch! *happy dance*

I'm in absolute love with this fabric. I shopped on Etsy and got Sherrie from Bristow Treasures to make 3 throw pillow for us. I think they're so cheery and fun!

The recliner that doesn't look like a recliner

"I think this is long enough for KD to sit on!" was one of the first sentences out of Jon's mouth. KD is, for all your non-Thunder fans, Kevin Durant, one of our fav players from the OKC Thunder. :)
Whoo-hoo!!!! I officially put up the OSU lawn chair that was my seat in the living room, and we're returning the white chair and ottoman we've been borrowing from Jon's parents for over a year (I heard my father-in-love is very happy about this return. hehe). I feel like we can finally hang some things on the walls to complete the look. All we're waiting on now (furniture-wise) is our bedroom set....

And since the front of our house is complete (except for hanging things on the walls), we can now have guests! Yippee!! Who wants to come over? ;)

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