Monday, April 9, 2012

Jon's birthday, Easter, and other things

We already know that I'm bad about forgetting to take pictures of important things (why else would I have listed "take more pictures" as a New Year's resolution?), so you'll have really have to bear with me on the quality of the photos in this post... Beggars can't be choosers. ;)

Jon and I are almost finished painting the house. We lack the master bathroom and half of the master bedroom and we are D-O-N-E! Phew. I cannot tell you how happy I am to say that. I enjoyed painting for, oh...the first two walls of the living room (the first room I painted), and then I was OVER IT. So you can imagine what painting our entire house has been like for me. lol. Luckily, we've had some great painting help from my dad and J's mom, and that has eased a lot of my pain in this endeavor.

I feel like we started this journey so long ago. Yesterday marked the 3-week mark since we first bought the paint, so I guess we are taking our sweet time on it. I've gotten a lot more subbing and tutoring jobs than we anticipated, which is great, but that takes away all the weekday painting I'd planned to do. But I guess that's yet another reason why we're glad we have such a long time frame to get everything ready before we have to move in. 

Speaking of moving in: we finally set a date. We now officially only have TWO weekends left until it's moving day.

Umm...what?! I mean, when we bought the house, it never occurred to me that I would need to pack up all our crap belongings again. (Did I mention I hate packing? Because. I. DO.) So after I finish painting those two rooms, I suppose I'll start hauling stuff over. Anything that can fit in my car and we don't use on a weekly basis is fair game...

While I've been painting and doing yard work, Jon has been helping with the yard work and working on our master bath renovation. When we bought the house, the master bath only had one sink. We know we're fortunate to have any sinks at all, but the master bathroom in our apartment has two sinks, and we LOVE them. It's not such a huge deal when I don't have to teach, but when I do, Jon and I sometimes have to get ready at the same time in the morning.  Fighting for sink space and mirror time  at the new house (or one of us being booted to the guest bathroom) did not seem fun to me, so I asked J if he would put in another sink. He, like me, is a bit of an over-achiever, and he's taken to restyling the entire vanity and sink area. He bought custom cabinets (to give us more storage! Yay!), a granite counter top, vessel sinks, and fancy, tall faucets to go with the vessel sinks. The set-up will look pretty similar to this:


He's split the one water source into two (to accommodate two sinks) and provided an extra outlet, as well. I'm lucky to have married a little handy man. :) We'd like to time it to where I get finished painting as he gets finished with the rest of the bathroom...because after that, we're ready to start moving stuff in!

We went last week to pick out a 'fridge and dishwasher (both stainless steel...whoo!), and they're getting delivered this coming Wednesday. Everything is falling into place. :)

Friday was J's birthday. I decided to make him a cake:

For the record, I didn't know that the gel icing would fill in the spots to make yucky-looking p's. Obviously, culinary school is not in my future.

I've rotated that pic a million times and it still does not want to save properly, so just rotate your computer screen (or your neck) to view it correctly. ;)

I chose chocolate cake (J's favorite cake), whipped chocolate icing for all over, and red gel icing to write with (red =  his favorite color). Only...when I finished, it looked more like a meatloaf with ketchup on it. *wah-wah-waaahhhh* (That was the pitiful music chord that indicates something went wrong, in case you didn't catch that.) ...It worked out fine, though, because I think J was actually more excited to think that it was meatloaf with a ketchup design! haha. He'd really rather have meat and potatoes instead of sweets, so maybe I should've saved the faux-meatloaf in favor of a real one... Live and learn.

We went to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant in the area. I mentioned taking a picture while we were eating, but we were too busy stuffing our faces with nacho-y goodness to pause and snap a pic. And, of course, we forgot to snap one before we left the restaurant, as we took a little post-dinner stroll, OR as we watched a movie on the couch...plenty of photo ops, and we missed 'em all. Whoops.

Yesterday was Easter, and we spent it here with my mother- and father-in-love and the rest of the K family. We managed to snap a picture in the car in the parking lot outside our apartment at the end of the night. It's a bad quality picture, and I have to admit we don't look like super-models, but...whatev. This is an attempt to keep my picture resolution, dang it!

Please ignore the hair frizz. It rained all day and I used only a dab of hair spray. It's my own fault, but ignore it, anyway, please.

I have also tried editing THAT picture a million times to make it rotate 90 degrees to the left, no avail. It refuses to save in an upright position. (Sometimes I think my computer and/or the software I use is a teenage girl... it can be moody.) So use the same head-or-computer-tilting technique from earlier to view the pic above. ;)

Let it be known that I can now curl my hair with a curling iron in about 15-20 minutes flat. I'm still not the Hair Whisperer, but I'm no longer a Hair Idiot, either. :)

Well, I'm going to down another cup of coffee, and it's off to paint, I go! Our wonderful, timed-coffee maker made a boo-boo last night. I unplugged it to plug in the mixer for J's birthday cake on Friday, and didn't realize that the coffee maker didn't save our settings. So when Jon turned it on last night to start brewing at 7 am this morning, the coffee maker thought it would be hilarious to start brewing around 1 am, instead. My nose loves coffee, so by 2 am, when the house was filled with the scent of my precious Folger's, I was WIDE AWAKE and could not sleep again until after 5 am. Ugh. So I'm sure you can understand why I need another cup of my nectar before I head off to make a mess finish the bedroom paint. :)

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