Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dear Future Us

Get Botox. 

OK, I'll explain a little more. 

See, Jon's best friend introduced me to this iPhone app called Oldify.  It's an application that takes pictures of you or people you know and turns them into old people by giving them sunspots, wrinkles, etc. 

Jon's best friend kindly sent me pictures of what Jon and I will look like when we're, oh, about 80, and we were hawt stuff, lemme tell ya. 

I was bored and decided to download the app for myself. I was cracking myself up, so I thought I'd share my results with you.

Here is my husband now. I don't know why I picked this picture to transform...just go with it.

Here is my husband, had we decided to get married in 2070.


I took a picture of myself in the car (Jon was driving; don't freak out). So here I am today.

And here I am in the future.

Jon kindly said, "You don't age that much. I look like I got beaten with a stick." 

Oh, honey. It warms my heart that even after 50 years together, you still think I'm lovely. haha. 

The app also has a video feature! You can place markers where your eyes and mouth are, and the app will make you "blink" and "yawn." They'll record it in about a 15 second video and you can send it to others, e-mail it to yourself, or post it on your social networking sites. 

It's a .mov file, so I have no idea how to get it off my e-mail and attach it to this blog post. :( Too bad...it's funny! 

If you know how, please comment below so that I can share my hilarity with you. :) For now, just enjoy the still-life versions of my handsome hubs and myself.

2 love notes:

Anonymous said...

First of all, you are right, you do look great as an oldy! Why would someone pay .99 cents for an app that makes you look old? lol

The Fatify and Baldify app is free - not that I got it, I was just checking them out. I can see myself in all those aspects without an app!

Thanks for your continued updates to your blog, you always make me laugh!

Love you, Aunt Rhonda

Candice said...

Bahaha! I feel the same way about the Fatify app -- I already feel like a baby whale; no need to see what I look like as a big, honkin' mama whale!

I just clicked on the app's link and realized it DOES say $0.99, but mine was free! I don't know how that worked out. Maybe I downloaded the lite version or something? Who knows. I never pay for apps! :)

Thanks for stopping by, Aunt Rhonda! <3