Thursday, April 19, 2012

Brilliant Refrigerator Idea

I absolutely cannot take credit for this idea; I found it on Pinterest (duh), but you can find the original source here. 

This is going to sound totally weird, but: as much as I love clean and organized things, I'm not really a huge fan of cleaning.

But, I mean, really, who loves to clean?

I'm sure you read that we got a new refrigerator delivered to our house last week. (If you didn't read that, where have you been?! Why have you not been keeping up diligently with our blog?! :)

I am determined to keep it looking this shiny and new for as long as possible...all the while, spending the least amount of energy and time as possible.

I'm about to share something gross with you. Ready?

Ew. Just...ew. In case you're wondering, that glob of sticky jelly is resting inside our refrigerator door (yes, present tense. That's right: I took the picture and closed the door again!), grossing me out. (This is probably a good reason why Jon and I should not have children: I get grossed out by random globs of grape jelly that may or may not have been created by me. Don't judge.)

Since I'm doing the house-wife/tutor/sub thing while I'm looking for my dream classroom any classroom of my own, I'm home a lot. That means I can clean whenever I want to (which is never, but who's counting?).

But, thanks to a month-long subbing job back in February, I found out just hard it is to work full time and cook and clean the way I'd like to for Jon. I'm going to be optimistic and say that God has a teaching job lined up for me next year, so I'm looking for ways to make my evening job a little easier.

I stumbled onto this article on Pinterest, which suggests lining your refrigerator with that self-sticking plastic wrap before putting anything inside. Now when we I spill things, I can just pull the plastic wrap up and put a new sheet down... viola! No scrubbing or icky sponge required!

Brilliant, I tell you!

So I totally did it, starting with the doors.

The store I went to only had this Christmas-themed sticky wrap available, but I figured it's OK to have Christmas in our 'fridge year round.

I was pleased with how it turned out -- even though it looks a teensy bit weird -- so I did the rest of shelves, too.

I covered both the refrigerator and freezer shelves and both doors with this sticky wrap. I'm almost excited for the first spill to occur...then I can prove what a great idea this is by "cleaning" it in 5 seconds flat! :)

Do you have a good cleaning tip for me?

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