Saturday, March 31, 2012

Scrabble Tile Wedding Gift

Contrary to popular belief, I really do take a lot of pictures on my iPhone. I just don't share most of them because they're pictures of things no one but me cares about. For instance, when I'm subbing and I see a really cool decoration or idea, I'll take a picture of it during my plan period so that I can use it in my future classroom. Or if I'm looking through my business's Facebook news feed and see a cool post from someone else, I'll take a screen shot of it to remind myself to read it, buy it, do it, etc.

So last night, when I had some free time, I was going through my photo album and trying to figure out what I could delete. I'm not in danger of running out of space on my phone, but... you know, with my slightly OCD tendencies, I have to clean even my phone. :)

When I was going through my album, I found a picture of a gift I made for Nick and Kaci for their wedding shower and thought I'd share it. I remember making it and being so proud of myself, but then realizing that I couldn't share the picture with anyone until after the shower. Well, it's after the shower, so...I'm sharing!

I figured that sharing on our blog would have a double benefit: 1) I get to toot my own horn...toot toot! haha. 2) It fulfills one of my New Year's resolutions: to post crafts I've been inspired to make because of Pinterest. :)

Excuse the crappy picture. I took it with my iPhone and I think I was in a hurry. :(

I'd seen some similar crafts on Pinterest, but I didn't really have a reason to make them. I mean, I supposed I could make one for our house, but I just didn't want to go to the hassle of obtaining all the supplies just for us (does that sound bad?).

When Nick and Kaci got engaged back in November, I was so excited, I immediately started collecting gifts. I made the majority of the gifts and wish I would have taken pictures of all of them! (Whoops.) I think my two favorite gifts were the one featured above and a "date jar" (more about that later).

Kaci asked me to make the slideshow for their wedding. When she gave me the pictures to use (courtesy of Danielle Nicole Photography), and I saw two pics featuring Scrabble tiles, I knew that making the Scrabble gift might be a good idea. (I won't include the two inspiring pictures in this post because I don't want to ruin the surprise of the slideshow!)

I went to Amazon and found sets of Scrabble tiles without the game boards. There are several options on the website; you'd be amazed at how many people use Scrabble tiles for arts and crafts projects! Here's a set for a reasonable price:

After the tiles arrived, I played with them on the table to see what setup worked best. Nick and Kaci are using "Iron sharpens iron" as their main theme and Bible verse for the wedding, so I thought it would be cool to work that into the gift. I tried including their last name (since I know I got a kick out of seeing my new last name after Jon and I got married), but I couldn't figure out a way to work in an "M." I also thought it would be nice to include the verse destination, but there are no Scrabble tiles with numbers, so I had to nix that idea pretty quickly.

After I found a layout I liked, I measured it to see how big of a frame I needed. I think I ended up using a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby to get the shadow box and paper, but you could order both from the comfort of your own home via Amazon (yeah, I'm an Amazon fan!):

I used a sheet of sage green scrapbook paper for the background on this gift (since that will be the main color in Nick and Kaci's house), but, of course, you could use whatever you wanted.

Then I just used some craft glue (the stuff below rocks)

to glue the tiles down to the page. If it wasn't simple, I wouldn't have done it. lol.

I showed Jon the finished product, who immediately asked if I was going to make one for us. I took it as a good sign when he whined after I said "not until I order more tiles..." :)

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Becki said...

Thank you for sharing the "how-to" on this delightful project. Your blog always makes me smile. : )

Candice said...

Glad to hear it. :) You should start a blog of your own -- I'd be a follower! If not a personal blog, then at least a teaching blog. I've had one for just over a year now, and I have SO much fun doing it. I think you'd enjoy it, too! :)