Monday, March 12, 2012

{Official} Homeowners!

We have been counting down to this day for the past month. March 12 has been circled and/or written on every calendar we own. Behold:

A calendar entry in my iPhone

Today was the day: we closed on our home! Eeeekk!!!

Yesterday is when the realization set in:

This morning, I was up and at 'em by 6:30. I normally wake up at 5:40 (since I've been subbing every day and have to leave by 7 am), so I was my usual peppy self (I'm a morning person. Don't hate.), but Jon had a hard time waking up. Because of Daylight Savings Time yesterday, he was a little more drag-y than usual. ;)

One thing I've learned in this marriage is that non-morning people do not really like morning people. Jon is very patient, but it's clear that I drive him crazy in the mornings. This morning, I was literally cheering for him to get pumped: "Gimme a..." and all that jazz. He was not appreciative:



We were on our way by about 7:45, since we didn't know what the traffic would be like. Like a major dork, I'm documenting the entire thing:

And here's the pic I attached to that tweet:

The drive didn't take nearly as long as anticipated. We figure it's because most workin' folk are already done with their morning commute, and because it's spring break so all the school-people are still sleeping peacefully in their beds.

We got there about 20 minutes early, so I decided to snap some photos:

We were originally going to have to travel over an hour to our closing location (long story), but our awesome realtor got the location moved 30 minutes closer (thanks, Melissa!). 

I was happy to know that the previous alien-shot of me wasn't going to be an all-day thing. :)

In case you can't tell, Jon is wearing a collared OSU shirt. His reasoning is that "all my major life events have taken place at or around OSU. My first university was OSU. We got engaged at OSU. We got married at OSU. It makes sense that OSU should have a part of this moment, too."

Burns Hargis, if you're reading this, I honestly think we should be paid some type of advertising fee, since my husband has a love-affair with your university.

Just sayin'.

Anyway, we signed our names about a million times in the next hour. For whatever reason, the loan company elected to put Jon's middle initial, but my entire middle name on all the forms. To make things "official," we had to sign our names exactly as they were printed on the paper. I was cursing my parents for not naming me "Amy Jo" by the end of the hour! ;)

The lady who was helping us sign showed us what we'd end up paying in principal and interest if we just made the minimum payment for the next 30 years. THAT was intimidating! It's also a little intimidating to know that we signed a loan for a length of time longer than we've even been alive -- ack!

Our company put everything in a neat little folder and gave us some cute moving announcements and sent us on our way!

Our realtor gave us the keys pretty quickly:

I already have plans to frame this picture and put it next to a copy of our new key with our first official address. Can't wait! :)

We immediately got to work. We changed all the locks, took measurements for curtains and our first project (renovating the master bath), and started taping for our major upcoming paint job.

So far, we've been asked two main questions:

1. Can I see pictures?
2. When are you moving in?

I'll be kind and answer both of these right now:

1. Sure! I posted a few on a previous post (called "Homeowners;" find it by clicking here.) and I'll post more once I've repainted everything. Our house is actually move-in ready, but we're re-painting the whole thing to help personalize it for us. So once it's got a nice, new sparkling coat of paint on it, I'll post more pics. :)

2. We don't have to move out of our apartment until May 31. We obviously want to move into our new house ASAP (we're tired of apartment-living!), but we're going to take our sweet time to make sure everything is good and stress-free. We aim to do all the painting and a couple of upgrades first so that we don't have to work around all our furniture and other belongings. After that, I'll move in smaller things while Jon is working, and then we'll move in all the big stuff around the middle or end of April. That leaves us a few weeks to clean the dickens out of our apartment to ensure we get every last penny of that apartment deposit!

We'll be sending out cards with our new address soon. :)

It's still a little surreal that we actually bought and own something that's all ours -- a home?!? -- but we like the feeling. :)

2 love notes:

Brittany said...

So much fun! I remember signing for my first home...and a refinance, and another refinance! It doesn't get any easier!

Candice said...

lol, so we've heard! I'm definitely not looking forward to seeing that first bill. We can handle the money, but I don't think I want to see what's left to pay off!