Tuesday, February 14, 2012

V-Day: 2012

J and I got a pretty neat-o Valentine's Day gift: our new home was inspected! We used Long Paw Inspections because our realtor has worked with him before and trusts him, and he turned out to be great! He conducted the inspection without us there, but then we met him earlier this morning to walk through the entire house and listen to his summary of everything. He's supposed to e-mail us a complete report later, and it includes pictures of everything he noticed. It seems like he did a pretty thorough job, so I'm glad we used him!

The inspector said he's been inspecting 2 homes/day, 6 days/week for many years now, and he said our home was in the top 1% of homes he'd inspected. Yippeeee!!

Being back in the house reminded us of all the projects we'd like to complete... The following list is going to make it sound like we don't like our house the way it is, lol. Rest assured that we do -- we just want to make it ours! Here's our task list for the new house, in no particular order:

  1. Tear up the back porch (it's a weird, faux brick concrete thing...) and re-do it so it doesn't take up as much of the backyard space and doesn't look as strange. 
  2. Remove or relocate the garden in the backyard. 
  3. Remove the tether ball pole (and deflated ball) from the backyard. 
  4. Install a gate in the backyard fence. Our backyard looks out onto the greenbelt, and the HOA said it was perfectly acceptable for us to install a gate that lets us into that area when we have friends or family over. It's a great way to gain a little extra backyard space when we need it! We might also end up replacing the fence... 
  5. Possibly remove or relocate a tree and several flower bushes... they're pretty, but they take up SO much of our backyard space!
  6. Replace the rusty old storage shed in the backyard.
  7. Replace the dishwasher and oven in the kitchen -- stainless steel, please!
  8. Replace the kitchen counters and possibly re-do the back-splash.
  9. Stain all the kitchen counters darker and install handles/pulls on all the drawers and cabinets.
  10. Buy/make an island on wheels for the kitchen.
  11. Paint the entire house. *sigh*
  12. Install storage cabinets in both bathrooms. 
  13. Rip out the master bathroom's cabinet and sink, install another sink (so we'll have a double), and replace the cabinet.
  14. Contact the Container Store about getting an Elfa system for our closets and garage. 
  15. Find a skinny freezer for the garage so we could stock up on extra food and store it in the garage. 
  16. Make the living room mantle deeper and possibly dark wood.
  17. Install extra shelves in the mud room. 
Those are the major upgrades. I love adding little details to make it more personable and functional! :) Here's a fun idea I found on Pinterest about putting lighting underneath the cabinets (we could put them under the top ones in the kitchen, too):


And here's a nice idea for all the cabinets: pull-out drawers -- even in the linen closets!


We're also on the look-out for a large rug for the living room (although we don't know what color yet. Probably something light, like a light blue or a cream); a dark entertainment center; a futon for the office; a large, dark desk; and a lawnmower. If anyone has extras or comes across a good deal online, let us know, please! :)  I hope there are good garage sales this summer and that I can catch them all... :)

We love that our house is move-in ready, and we know all those changes are going to take lots of time (and money!), but we're excited to make it juuuuuust right.:)

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