Monday, January 2, 2012

Circus at Home Depot

Jon had the day off from work today (yeeeeehawww!), so we decided to run some errands around noon-ish.

My dad will be disappointed to know that we stopped at Five Guys for lunch and had fries without him. (Sorry, Dad!)

On our way to CostCo, we spotted a Home Depot. Jon wanted to go in and see if they had any Christmas bargains still left. We'd decided earlier this year that it was best to wait until after the holidays were over so we could grab lots of Christmas decorations on sale. It was rather slim pickins at Home Depot, but I guess that's what we get for waiting alllll the way until January 2nd to get there. whatevah

We actually got really lucky. There was one 7.5 foot tall, un-lit Christmas tree left on the shelf, and it was 75% off (*cue happy dance*). As soon as we got it onto our cart, another couple came into the area, looking for an un-lit Christmas tree. The Home Depot guy had to tell them the store was sold out. Are you kidding me? We never have that kind of luck! We proceeded to clean out the Christmas lights area, grabbed a 2 dolla holiday rug for the kitchen, and went to check out.

It wasn't until we were rolling our purchases into the parking lot that it hit me: we'd driven Jon's Cobalt today. When I nervously mentioned that to Jon, he nonchalantly said, "We got this," which is man-code for "I have no idea what we're going to do, but I need to appear macho, so I'll reassure you." whatevah

He tried to put the tree in the backseat, but it was about an inch too long. At this point, the man parked next to us was walking to his car, and I definitely caught him chuckling a little. After Jon tried to stuff it in the trunk (no luck) and push it through the trunk and the back seat via that little trap door thingy (nope), I was cracking up. I couldn't help myself. I felt so dumb and helpless; laughing just seemed to be the thing to do. Finally, he shoved a corner of it through the trunk, pushed the driver's seat up almost all the way, and used what his mama gave him to force the door shut. He looked at me proudly before climbing in the front seat. ....Nope. Not gonna happen. His head was hitting the ceiling and his knees were up to his armpits.

We decided I would drive, so we got out of the car, switched sides, and climbed in again, all the while singing Barnum and Bailey's Circus Theme. Jon tried to capture the backseat madness in the picture below. It's hard to tell what's going on, but you can just take my word for it that there was no room left in that back seat.

Then he turned the camera on me, where I was smushed into the driver's seat. I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes, so this is definitely a flattering picture of me:

(When I finally got to get out of the car, my legs were all tingly from lack of circulation, in case you're wondering.)

While J and I might not have a perfect relationship, we always find a reason to laugh together. I have no doubt this is a memory that will be passed on to our poor little children someday. And I'll be laughing then, too.

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