Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Operation: Organize {Part 2}

I got a little side-tracked on the label-making. It's amazing how I can be technically unemployed but still have 95923053 things to do per day! Anyway, I'm finally done with the labels.

As mentioned before, I'm really into Chevron prints right now (seriously. I cannot get enough), so I used some gray Chevron digital scrapbooking paper I bought from Moo and Puppy over on Etsy. I love gray right now, and it goes with pretty much anything, so I felt "safe" making that my background color for the labels. It'll go with any color scheme I choose for the new house, really! I used a cute font in a black color so that 1) the words would be easily noticeable, and 2) it wouldn't use up a lot of colored (read: expensive!) ink.

 It looked cute on the computer, but the result wasn't as thrilling as I'd hoped:

 I mean, it kind-of just looks like I ran out of colored ink and had to just print in black and white. *hangs head* Not exactly what I had in mind. But I'm too stubborn to redo everything (I've already laminated them and cut them out!), and they're fine, so these are the labels that will go in our house.

Here's a blank copy if you want to download it and use it for yourself. I open it in Photoshop and add words, but you could also do it in Picnik (free), Paint, and several other editing software programs.

Click to open it full size, then right-click to save it to your computer. Upload it to your favorite editing program, add some text, and viola! An organizational tag! 

In hindsight, I wish I'd have added some color (I could've sent it to Staples for the printing...duh!). Just to see what I could do, I uploaded the previous file to my Picnik account (seriously, you need one!) and just added some brackets. Red provided the best pop of color, so that's what I decided to go with:

Think you can use this around the house? Feel free to borrow it.
Like I said, all the labels are already laminated and cut out.... I made a trip to a dollar store and stocked up on more cheap-o baskets. My next adventure will include organizing things into the baskets and attaching the labels. I also need to purchase some big, plastic storage bins for our seasonal decorations. Hmm....

P.S. I just found this super-freakin-cool website where I can display eBooks (from PDF files) fo' FREE! (Um, can I get my own classroom now so I can put all these cool ideas to use in a learning context, please??). Naturally, I had to use it to make an eBook out of my labels. Feel free to download the whole she-bang, if you want. Just follow these steps to do so:
  1. Click "click to read" in the middle of the display. It will go to a full-screen view. 
  2. At the very top, there's an arrow pointing down into a bracket. Click that to download all 6 pages of the PDF file. 
  3. Press "esc" on your keyboard to exit full-screen mode. 
  4. Print the PDF file. Add a little lamination flair, if you desire. 
  5. Organize your home with labels that are sure to match any color scheme you've got goin' on. 

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