Friday, December 16, 2011

Operation: Organize {Part 1}

Despite the fact that I'm not technically teaching this year, I follow a lot of teaching blogs. Last Friday, when one of them posted that the laminator I've had my eye on for oh, two years now, was half off, I immediately texted J with the news. As predicted, he said to get it. ...I love him. :) If I was willing to wait a week to get the goods from Amazon, I could get free shipping. I could wait a week for free shipping, I supposed. 

Um, it was a long week. I kept getting emails that my order had been processed, my order was prepping for shipping, my order had just been shipped, etc, and it was making me anxious. Don't ask why I was am so excited about the laminator. I think it has something to do with my need for organization and perfection. *sigh* It really is a disease. 

In any case, the package came in yesterday  morning -- one day ahead of schedule. I tweeted the following picture with the caption "Angels are singing."

One of my friends claims I'm too excited about my laminator, but I think that's impossible. Let it be known that this laminator is my favorite Christmas gift of 2011. So far, anyway. ;)

I laminated some random house-things plus some tutoring materials, and then I developed Operation: Organize. Let me explain.

See, if you've been following my blog, you understand that I think Pinterest is one part wonderful and one part evil. I think there's a part of evil in it because seeing all those pictures and ideas makes you think that your home/crafts/decor/cooking/clothing must also look like that. I know comparison is the thief of joy, but I'm competitive, a little OCD, and a perfectionist. Nothing good can come from this combo, people!

While looking at my Pinterest organizing board, I noticed that a lot of the pictures I'd pinned had labels in them. Apparently, my eyes like labels. *shrug* I've read several blogs (my favorite is iHeart Organizing) that encourage the use of baskets and simple labels throughout the home. I bought a few baskets at a dollar store last time I was around one, but they weren't nearly enough for our house. I did some piddly organizing, but I needed more.

I'm really into Chevron prints right now, and I'd found some free, yellow Chevron labels online (I don't remember where, or else I'd link to them. Sorry!) that I thought were cute. So I took a Sharpie, wrote on the labels, hung them on the baskets, and thought I'd be done for today.

But the more I looked at it, the more I realized I needed to stop being so Ghetto Fabulous and go big or go home. I mean, look at these things:

Note: I "laminated" these labels with contact paper a few weeks before I received my glorious laminating machine. So don't judge.
This was not going to work. I mean, I have decent handwriting, but nothing was uniform (my two "y" letters don't even match in this picture!), not to mention, yellow doesn't really match anything in our house.

Something you should know: I've been really into digital scrapbooking and digital design lately. I don't know why, but I love opening my Adobe Photoshop program and pretending like I know what I'm doing! (I just click buttons until something happens; that's how the pros do it, in case you're wondering.) I'd made some semi-Ghetto Fabulous Christmas tags a week or so ago, so I thought I'd attempt to make labels.

The Christmas tag I made. I added customized text in a handwriting font, in case you're wondering. But I posted the blank version in case you want to steal borrow it from me to tag your own Christmas treasures. Just size it down to fit your needs. You could also print it as-is and create a mat border for a photo frame. :)
I'd purchased some Chevron digital scrapbooking paper from an Etsy seller (Moo and Puppy), so I thought I'd use that to make the labels. I chose simple gray Chevron for the background, and just black text + a cute font for the label's letters. I figured that would go with everything, no matter what color scheme I end up choosing when we get to our new house.

I spent some time trying to get the labels to print correctly last night. The sizing is off, and I'm scared I'm going to have to re-do all of them. Uggghhh. I'm going to keep trying, but I have to pause my project for now. One of my tutoring clients has his Christmas party at school this morning, and I promised him I would be there. Toodles for now; more updates later! :)

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