Friday, December 9, 2011

A JibJab Christmas: 2011

Have you ever heard of JibJab? It's a cute little website that allows you to insert your picture(s) into a mini-video or e-card. The whole website used to be free, but now they're charging a membership fee of $12/year to use the really cool vids. :( There's a hilarious rock 'n' roll one that I wanted to send with the message, "Have a rockin' Christmas!" but you have to be a member (and have paid your membership fees) to use it. Darn! In any case, the free one is cute, too.

I couldn't find a way to embed our video into this blog post, so I took some screen shots as a preview for ya:


If you want to watch the video (we've got some rockin' dance moves and some Chipmunk-esque voices, for those that are wondering), check it out here: Jon & Candice's 2011 Christmas vid.

I was going to close this post by saying that I hope your Christmas shopping is going smoothly and you're staying warm in this drastically-different-than-we've-been-having weather, but then I remembered this free printable I saw at It's a Crafty Life:

Free Printable from It's a Crafty Life

so I won't say anything about shopping.  Instead, I'll say I hope you're taking advantage of the cooler weather to snuggle with loved ones and may you remember the reason for the season. :) Happy Christmas season, y'all.

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