Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving '11

Thanksgiving 2011 was a success! Unfortunately, through all the events, I forgot to even whip out my camera once, so I have no pictures for this post. sad Sorry! I guess you'll have to rely on my fabulous story-telling skills to get you through this blog entry. happy


Wednesday, November 23: J's company closed down early, so he was outta there by 3:30 pm. Let the T-Day festivities begin! First things first -- we had a job to do. We met at his parents' addition; we've he's been putting up the addition entrance's Christmas decorations for the past 2 years or so. I helped the first year but wasn't able to make it last year (although a herd of fire ants graciously took my place). This year, I'm back to helping! After two trips to Home Depot and the re-stringing of two lines of lights, we got 'er done! Now we don't have to mess with them again until after the new year. Maybe I'll remember snap a picture of those sometime this season.

Thursday, November 24: J and I discovered we have some sort of weird sleeping disease. See, on days when we have to get up early, our bodies want to sleep in. "5 more miinnnnnuttesss!" can be heard from our room, as we absentmindedly talk to our alarm clocks. {There's also a rumor that a certain Mr. in the household insists on playing "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO on his cell phone before he is able to jump out of bed, but the party in question refuses to comment.} But when we actually are allowed to sleep in, forget it. We're up by 7. It's super-annoying.

We piddled around the house for awhile and then began cooking. I was in charge of green bean casserole -- possibly the easiest side dish to make, but refer to my post about the Burn Fairy if you think I should attempt to make anything more complicated for an important family event. J was in charge of dumplings. See, my Meme makes the best dumplings this side of the Mississippi. Actually, they're probably the best dumplings on any side of the Mississippi, but I have yet to travel far enough east to check it out. She makes them only for big holiday events, since they're kind-of a pain in the you-know-what to make. This was my first Thanksgiving away from home, and J knew I was feeling a little bummed about it, so he called my Meme to get the recipe. If you know my Meme, you know that getting a recipe from her is like trying to get a smile from the guards of Buckingham Palace. It's not that she's not generous enough to give the recipe; let it be known that my Meme is one of the most generous people you'll ever meet. But she's such a good cook (she can practically do it in her sleep) that she can't ever tell you exactly what goes in any of her recipes. If you ask her how to make a dish, you'll probably hear something like this: "Oh, you put a little of this...a dash of that...and you just heat it 'til it looks right!" whatevah Riiiiight. But even though J was a little nervous about making my Meme's dumplings this year, he was determined to do it to give me a little taste of home away from home. heart ...They were delicious! I'm so lucky to have a husband who cares enough about me that he'll tackle my Meme's dumplings in a high pressure situation. happy

We finished cooking and took our dishes + the German chocolate cake my Meme sent home with me after Caitie's academic letter jacket banquet over to J's parents' house. We ate about 3 pm; I'm not sure if I'm supposed to refer to it as lunch or dinner, so I guess I'll just call it linner. Whatever the name, it was yummy and relaxing!

We went over to our friends' house afterward and pre-gamed for Black Friday events. ("Pre-gaming" for Black Friday = eating more pie, in case you didn't know.) J and I had been eying a great deal on a bigger TV for our living room and had plans to snag it during Black Friday. Luckily, due to some divine intervention that morning, we realized that the TV we wanted was already on sale and wasn't going to go on "more sale" during the Black Friday madness. Because of that, we went ahead and ordered it online before we started cooking and had it shipped to a Best Buy warehouse about 30 minutes from our house (convenient!). We didn't have any big ticket items to go for during the actual Black Friday rush, but we were hoping to snag some under-5-dollas movies, and our friends wanted a couple of things, so we were ready to go. Our friend's mom made us yummy Starbucks-esque coffee to hype us up a little before our big showdown. Around 9:30 pm, the 6 of us headed to Walmart.

I've been Black Friday shopping a couple times in Oklahoma, but I only went to Best Buy and maybe Kohl's before heading home. Everyone knows OK doesn't quite have the population that TX does, so I was wondering what we would encounter that night. wasn't bad at all! Walmart was a little crazy (shocker) and Best Buy was insanely organized (me likey). Our friends went home after Best Buy, but J and I decided we would venture out to Kohl's to replace some of J's dress shirts and ties.

Umm.....holy crap. I knew something was amiss when the entire parking lot was packed with cars, but we barely ran into anyone in the men's clothing department. I can explain that now: everyone was waiting in line to check out! When J and I had gathered an armful of goods, we started trying to find the end of the check out line. There were lots of people standing in lines, and we were a bit confused, so we decided the best thing to do would be to start at the cashier and follow the people to the back of the line. ....The line snaked around the store twice. TWICE, PEOPLE! By the time we'd made the first lap, my mouth was hanging open and I couldn't seem to get it to shut. We ended up throwing our goods back on the counter and hightailin' it out of there. It was already 2 am and we didn't feel like waiting in line until 5, yannow? One thing about being awake over 19 hours in one day: we slept like babies that night. happy

Friday, November 25: After breakfast brunch, we dived back into the Black Friday rush by venturing to a popular square strip mall in our area. I had a coupon for a certain store where we planned to purchase a niece's gift, and then another store where we were going to purchase our other niece's gift was having a great sale, so we couldn't miss that! J kept laughing at me because I have some sort of shopping radar. For instance, we were in a clothing store and I was looking for two items. I'd already scoped it out online: I knew what two items I needed, what color, and what size. I'd never been in that store in person in that location, so I didn't know how the store was laid out, but...I just let my radar do the guiding. happy I made a beeline for the items and had snagged both of them within 60 seconds of entering the store. Huzzah! pleased

Afterwards, we headed out to pick up our TV. It was a pretty smooth process that made me love Best Buy even more. In case anyone is wondering, our new TV is pretty freakin' cool. It makes our living room look so small, but I'm pumped that we found it for 50% off! We did a little transferring of the original living room TV to our bedroom, and now I can actually lay in bed without my glasses on and still see the TV! How's that for high-tech?!

We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the apartment because my family is visiting tonight We're clean, decorated, and ready for guests now. Bring it, H-family! happy

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