Thursday, November 24, 2011


If you have a Facebook account, I'm sure you've seen your friends participating in the "Reasons to be Thankful" status updates. I decided not to clutter my friends' newsfeed with that; instead, I'll post the completed list one time on our blog. :)

There are 30 days in November, so here are 30 people/things for which I'm thankful:
  1. A mighty and forgiving God who loves me, provides for me, and so much more
  2. An opportunity to live again each day and make a positive impact on the world
  3. J, whom I love more with each passing day
  4. My sister, whom I'm finding out is more like me than I ever imagined
  5. Meme, who inspires me to be crafty, strong, and selfless
  6. Papa, who taught me about hard work and showed me what true love looks like
  7. Mom, who has become a confidante and friend
  8. Dad, whose tough love taught me about strength and perseverance
  9. My mother-in-love and father-in-love, who share their son with me and accept me in their family
  10. My extended family, whom I am growing closer to, thanks to Facebook and Pinterest! hah.
  11. My nieces and nephew, who are so much fun and have such lively personalities
  12. My BFF, K, who has been with me with 6th grade and has the kindest heart I've ever known
  13. My BFF, M, whom I've known only for a few years, but feel like I've known for decades
  14. Other friends and acquaintances, for each one has impacted my life in some way
  15. My health and the health of loved ones, for obvious reasons
  16. J's bosses, who have given him/us so much more than bosses typically do
  17. My clients, who have helped me continue to teach and provide income for my familiy
  18. Certain surrounding school districts, who have allowed me to help in classrooms and network
  19. Our apartment, which is nicer than anything we need, as young, [1/2-] unemployed newlyweds
  20. Our cars, which give us the freedom to travel, part ways, and come back home to each other
  21. Dave Ramsey, whose budgeting system has helped us survive my period of unemployment
  22. Moving to Texas, which has given me an opportunity to be creative in more ways than one
  23. OSU, for, without it, I never would have met my other half
  24. Students (past, current, and future), because they inspire me and keep me youthful
  25. Weekends, because they give us much-needed family time and time to relax
  26. Teachers -- as my teacher or a co-worker, I have learned so much about how to shape lives
  27. Electricity, heat, and air -- such a nice luxury that I often take for granted
  28. Technology, for it keeps me connected and is such a convenience and great resource
  29. Coffee, because it fuels my slow mornings and makes the kitchen smell wonderful
  30. Chapstick, because the wind that comes sweepin' down the plain can be drying! haha
Thanksgiving is a special time, because it forces us to step back and realize how blessed we really are. I hope we can continue feeling thankful, even when it's not November! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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