Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nick + Kaci = < 3

I've been sitting on this news for almost 24 hours now, trying to give the happy couple time to tell their friends and family on their own, but...I just can't hold it in any longer!

Nick and Kaci are getting married!!

The engagement happened on what is supposed to be the luckiest day of the century: 11.11.11. And what a lucky day it was for those two. :)

I've known Kaci since she transferred to McLoud Intermediate in the 6th grade. She is one of the kindest people you will ever meet and one of my best friends. I truly love her like a sister.

I've known Nick since high school. He went to a different high school than Kaci and I did, and he was a couple grades ahead of us, so we didn't really hang out much, but I knew of him. Nick and I didn't really start talking or actually hanging out until I was in college, but even in high school, it was easy to tell he's a great guy with a big heart.

In 2008, I moved from my college dorm back to my parents' house and began commuting a couple times a week. I was loving getting to spend time with my hometown friends again! One evening in the fall of 2008, I saw that my college was playing a basketball game against the local college that was 20 minutes from my parents' house. I saw this as an opportunity to watch a basketball game, be with friends, and get out of the house (and away from my study materials), so I jumped at the chance. I remember very vividly that it was storming (hail included) that night and I was wearing my new leopard rain boots. That doesn't really have much to do with Nick and Kaci's story. ...I just like shoes. :)

Anyway, I had 3 main friends that I hung out with in my hometown (er, still do!): Kaci, Joe, and Nick. So I immediately texted all of them to ask if they wanted to go to the game with me. They all did, and they met at my house so I could drive (hence, why I remember that stupid storm). Prior to the moment when everyone climbed into my car, I hadn't realized that Nick and Kaci had never met before. So I awkwardly introduced them while I was driving. (I like to partly blame the awkwardness on my driving role, but we all know I'm just an awkward person in real life. Period.)

At the game, Nick found a few other friends he knew and talked to them a bit, so we didn't see him the entire time. We had fun and drove back home. I didn't really think much of it.

A few months later, I had dived into teaching 8th grade English full time, taking 12 hours of graduate classes, and trying to have some semblance of a social life, which included my new boyfriend (and now husband!), Jon. I was struggling with my incredibly busy schedule, so conversations with my friends were few and far between. But, like all good friends, they understood my situation, and we were all able to pick up where we left off when I had a free moment to spare. :) So anyway, during this time, I didn't get to talk to anyone much. So when Kaci texted me during the spring of 2009 to tell me she and Nick had been hanging out, I was pretty surprised. They both have a love of cars, and they had been working on their vehicles together.

Since then, they continued to hang out more and more until they were almost inseparable. It was so neat to watch their friendship grow into love. <3

I've known them separately, and I've known them together. I can honestly say that I have never seen either of them as happy as they appear to be when they are together. I am SO, SO excited for these two and for their newest journey together: marriage.

Congrats, Nick and Kaci!! Love you both!

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