Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Academic Letter Jacket '11

The one good thing about not teaching this year is that I have free time whenever I need it. When my sister announced that she was receiving an academic letter jacket for being in the top 10% of her class, I was excited to attend. The banquet is held on a Monday evening, and I would never have been able to attend if I had a full-time teaching job this year, so.... let that be a lesson to always thank God for unanswered prayers. :)

Anyway, the ceremony lasted a couple of hours and included dinner fit for a king + a cute slideshow of all the recipients at various stages in their lives + the actual receiving of the coveted jacket + lots and lots of pictures.

My sister looked stunning, as always, in a vintage-inspired peach dress with flutter sleeves and perfectly coordinating accessories. I like to think she got her fashion sense from me, but...who am I kidding? If she's Heidi Klum, I'm...uh...Heidi Klum's less-fashionable older sister. (Why do I always write myself into a corner like that? What an anticlimactic joke. Oops. Sorry, audience...all two of you.)

Anyway, after suffering though those paragraphs, I think anyone who's still reading deserves some pictures. So here we go:

She's sitting with the other top 10% of her class, but I didn't know how they would feel about being featured on our blog, so I cut them out.

Oh, wait. That's the only picture I have. The photographer didn't show up, and my mom's camera's memory card failed her, so.... this is all we have. {Oops again.}

In any case, congrats, Caitie! We're proud of you!

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