Monday, October 10, 2011

A Football Weekend

J and I visited my family in OK this past weekend. We had a grreeeaatttt time. :)

On Friday, I spent the morning cleaning, packing, and trying to get myself ready, since we were supposed to leave right around 12:30-ish. I tried to put some more songs on J's iPod so we'd have some rockin' tunes for our trip up there, but iTunes kept claiming that his iPod is corrupt. I have no idea what that means; I just know I wasn't able to add any music. If anyone can offer any help, it would be appreciated! :)

Our drive seemed a bit shorter and less torturous because we didn't have to wait in traffic; all the major traffic was headed in the other direction because of the Red River game. We had dinner with our friends, K and N, before going to the homecoming game in my hometown. It was so nice to catch up with those two! For the most part, I like living in Texas, but I do frequently wish everyone I care about would all live in the same place...  My baby sister danced in her last ever MHS homecoming halftime show; she did great! After her dance, we visited for a little bit before she had to get back to her dancin'. I asked my mother to snap a picture of the three of us, and this is what I got:

She gave J the most screen space, Sister is in the middle, and then I'm partially cut off. Oh, and you can also notice the huge gap between Sister and me, but the teeny little gap between Sister and J. I think it's pretty obvious who the favorite is! THANKS, GUYS! :) In any case, go ahead and pay special attention to my hair. After three days of practicing, it finally looked good enough to go out in public with my curled-with-a-curling-iron 'do. OK, so it looks a little icky in this picture, but I promise it was almost pretty in person! lol. But I'm officially retracting my self-dubbed title of The Hair Idiot, especially since when Sister saw the hair, she asked me to do hers just like it for her football show. *happy dance*

On Saturday morning, I had an appointment with my favorite hair stylist. Doesn't it make me sound important that I have to get my hair done in another state? lol. Anyway, she did a great job, as always. Hooray for no more nasty roots!

We drove up to Stillwater as soon as I got home. We got there a little earlier than usual because our friends were tailgating on campus. Even getting there early, we still had to park waaaaayyy far away from anything remotely football-y. We sure did look like the token fat kids, hiking 3 miles to the tailgate with bags of chips and bottles of salsa in tow (to contribute to the tailgate)!

We made it into Boone Pickens Stadium in plenty of time to see the pre-game stuff, but not in plenty of time to score a good seat in the student section. We ended up sitting behind the band, so I watched several plays from in between the tubas. Also, let it be known that J and I can practically sit with the band, and we still are mostly unable to clap on beat when they play our favorite fight songs. *sigh*

J and I took a picture during a time out. I did some photo-editing to make us stand out, but I can't help but notice the yawning girl in the top right corner... LOL.  I have to wonder how many pictures other people have of me, where I'm doing something ridiculous in the background.

I know the game wasn't televised this week, so in case you're wondering about our uniform of the week, here it is:

I borrowed this picture from the OSU Athletics Facebook fan page. I'm diggin' these uniforms much better than the gray ensemble, but at this point, and I'm just sort-of hoping they'll pick a uniform and stick with it.... :-/

If you follow O-State Athletics at all, you know the game was a blow-out. Not as exciting to watch, but I'm OK with the score, so I'll let it slide, Cowboys. :) We tailgated for awhile and then went back to my parents' house.

On Sunday, we ate lunch at my Meme and Papa's house (boy, I sure do miss her home cooking!) and visited with the fam before heading back home in the afternoon. It poured on us almost all the way back home, but we desperately needed the rain, so I'm going to refrain from complaining. I ate chips (leftover from the tailgate) in the passenger seat and sang songs I found fitting (specifically, "Under the Sea" from the Little Mermaid and "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" from Annie) while J concentrated on the road. Sometimes I feel I should buy him some extravagant gift, just for putting up with me on a daily basis. :)

Oh, and if anyone is concerned about my health after that last post (A Visit From the Burn Fairy), here's a picture of my poor widdle arm, as of Friday afternoon:

If anyone asks about it, I'm still going with the "knife fight" story.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Visit From the Burn Fairy

Confession: I hate cooking. It's not that I can't; I just hate doing it. I hate refuse to touch raw meat, I hate seeing all the junk that goes into the finished product (because sometimes, I don't like the ingredients by themselves), it's messy (which may be the worst thing about it), it's time consuming, it's just...ick.

I realize that if you read the last post about me being a hair idiot, this anti-cooking post really makes me look like the poster child for this housewife gig I'm doing. But I'm going to tell my story, anyway, so just stay with me, okay? 

Since we'll be in visiting my parentals over the weekend, we're having pizza tonight to ensure that there are no leftovers (or a smelly 'fridge/kitchen) when we get back. I go to put the pizza in the oven, and I realize that all the pepperonis have fallen off in the package, so I lovingly arranged them back into a perfect swirly pattern before sticking the pizza in the oven. These pizzas are pretty small, so I planned to cook two (I can eat the teensy amount of anticipated leftovers for lunch tomorrow...huzzah!). I got the first one out of the oven and started to put the second in. I get this bright idea to arrange the pepperonis in the shape of a heart for J (aren't I just the sweetest little thing?). I do so, pop the pizza in the oven, and wait.

The timer dings and I rush to get it out before it burns. I don my trusty oven mitts and reach into the oven.... aaccckkk! The top of my forearm touched the oven wall.

Thought I was gonna die. 

OK, maybe that a bit of an exaggeration. But I burned my fingers on a hot glue gun a couple weeks ago and thought I was going to need new fingerprints. This is worse. I mean, seriously, it's still hurting. (And yeah, I'm milking this injury for all it's worth...thanks for asking.)

My mom told me there's an invention called an oven mitt that I might consider using (I get my humor from her; can you tell?). I told her I did use them, but that they don't go all the way to my elbows! I decided I need an oven cape, which would go well with my super-power of being a dork 24/7. She suggested I get a wear-able fire blanket...a fire snuggie, if you will. I think that's a fantastic idea.

In case you're wondering about my health, I have a welt on my arm that J immediately noticed upon entering the room. I always thought I'd be a person who obtained really cool scars. Instead, I have one from the chicken pox and now one from sticking my friggin' arm in the oven to get a heart pizza. Super cool. whatevah Anyway, here's a picture of my poor widdle arm:

It may not look like much in the picture, but I assure you: it's noticeable. J thinks it looks like I got into a knife fight. MUCH cooler story than the actual one, don't you think?

So in case you're wondering what I could possibly want for Christmas (there are a mere 80 shopping days left, people!), here it is: a flame-retardant snuggie for me, the Domestic Diva. I prefer leopard print, please.

FYI: the heart pizza turned out well! Need proof?

Even through injury and pain, I still love you, J! :)