Friday, September 30, 2011

Medieval Times

Through a little bit of good fortune, I acquired some free tickets to Medieval Times. The tickets are normally about $60 for adults, so two free tickets is kind-of a big deal!

The show takes place in a medieval "castle." Guests watch some animal antics (a falcon flies up close and personal, some horses dance and do other tricks), a jousting competition, and some sword fighting (all done by "knights"). You watch all this while the waiters and waitresses serve you a hefty hunk of chicken wing, a rib, a garlic potato, soup, and dessert (all to be eaten with your hands, since there was no silverware in medieval times).

Because of my current job situation, I have become slightly obsessed with figuring out how to save money. I'm actually working toward becoming a completely coupon-dependent household. So of course, there was no way I was going to let $120 worth of tickets expire before we got to use them. I mean, free dinner, at least....holla!

This was my 3rd time to visit this particular "castle." I went once in junior high with my Gifted and Talented school group, and then I went again last year when I sponsored a high school G/T group to go for a field trip. The show is entertaining, and it's obvious that the workers put in a lot of hard work, but the more times I see it, the more staged the fighting looks. So while I was mostly pumped about the free food, J had never been before, so we went a little early to soak it all in.

Of course, since my previous two visits were with school groups, I had never been to an evening performance before, and didn't realize it would be a little different than the "school day experience."

Immediately upon arrival, we got a paper crown that J insisted on wearing for the duration of the night. In fact, he wore it in the car on the way home AND up the stairs to our apartment. *sigh*

As you can see, we were cheering for the red knight and at table 2 (which was actually a front row seat) last night....

There was a lot more emphasis on photography opportunities and alcohol at this evening performance. I mean, it was still kid-appropriate, but just less-so than the sessions meant specifically for schools.

Our waiter was super-nice, and the food was great. We ended up sitting next to a group of adults that were basking in the medieval experience. They really got into the show, which I found funny, and it helped provide entertainment during lulls of the show. :)

There's a portion where the knights throw roses to ladies in the crowd. Since there were less than 40 people in each section that night (and very few ladies), every girl was thrown a flower. J immediately started pouting about his need to feel special and be thrown a flower, as well. ...No comment. :)

Unfortunately, our knight didn't win the overall battle, but our waiter made sure to tell us to come back in two months after the show has changed, and maybe "our guy" will win then.

We left the arena, and it started pouring during our drive home. All the construction ensured that certain important roads were shut down after 8 pm, so we took the long way back to our apartment. Thank goodness for that rain! It was just a little weird: the temperature was over 100 that afternoon, and then dropped to 67 with the rain. No wonder our allergies are acting up!

It was a good (and much-needed) date night! Our only complaint is that we missed the newest episode of The Office. :) (But we recorded it, so I guess we'll recover!)

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