Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Honeymoonin' {Days 8-9: Sea day and traveling home}

Friday, August 5 was our last day at sea (*tear*). Neither of us wanted our vacation to had been so nice!

We laid around all day, just basking in the glory of being able to be lazy on a weekday. :) It rained for a good portion of the day, so we didn't feel bad about spending the majority of the day napping in our cabin instead of socializing with the other cruisers on the top deck.

We had our last dinner on the ship, and the waiters all sang us a farewell song. It was kind-of sad!

We did have another formal night on the cruise, but I guess we failed to get pictures of it. Whoops. Lots of times, we were too busy having fun to snap pictures! :)

We saw a couple shows and took a picture of our last night in the lounge while we were waiting for the production to begin:

Our room service was amazing, and they always left a towel-creation for us at night. On our last night, we got this:

I guess Carnival takes honeymooners seriously! lol.

On Saturday, August 6, we docked back in New Orleans. Driving home wasn't nearly as fun; our honeymoon was over and I had a to-do list a mile long to check off when we got back home. Boo! We unpacked a few things on Saturday night when we returned, and then rented "Limitless" to watch before crashing. (Great movie, by the way!)

It was an awesome vacation/honeymoon, and we wish it wasn't over!

There were lots of pictures we took that I wasn't able to include in the posts. If you want, you can visit our facebook honeymoon album to view all the pictures. Just click on this link and enjoy! 

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Nostalgic Dreams said...

Awe, thank you for sharing these J and C! lol You guys are adorable together!