Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Honeymoonin' {Day 7: Cozumel, Mexico}

On Thursday, August 4, we docked in Cozumel. There were 3 other ships already there. One was from Carnival, one was from the Norwegian line, and the other was Royal Caribbean. It put into perspective just how many tourists these people see each day! I think I'd get tired of Americans if I were them! lol.

When I cruised with my family in '06, we went to Cozumel. We had to tender to the shore, so that's what I was expecting. So it was a surprise when the director announced that there was a brand new dock in Cozumel, so we would get to just walk right off the ship like we had the day before. Yay!

Our excursion this time started even later, so we slept in a little and then got off the boat to look around at the shops. Last time I was in Cozumel, my sister and I got name bracelets. A guy takes some plastic and some string and weaves it around. He can form any letter or symbol that you want, and it usually only takes about 5 minutes per bracelet. In '06, my sister and I got our first names, but this time, I had my heart set on getting one with my new last name. We ended up getting several: J got one with his first name in our wedding colors, I got mine in my new last name, and then we both got one to wear to game days at OSU.

Our excursion this time was called Playa Mia Beach Break Deluxe. There were lots of things included, so it made it really nice for the price.

We took a 15 minute bus ride to the beach. We immediately found some beach chairs and got an umbrella. It was warm, but wasn't HOT, but a part of me just thought we needed an umbrella, so I got one. We had a good time playing in the sand and water:

The pictures we got weren't fabulous, since the water camera kept getting foggy, but I can't complain; I would have far less pictures of our vacation if all I'd taken was the digital camera!

Just like the day before, there were lots of water toys to rent, unlimited free drinks, and several activities going on in the sand (volleyball, football-throwing contest, etc). There was a buffet included (fruit, chips and dip, enchiladas, etc.), so we took advantage. Just as we were finishing eating, there was an enormous clap of thunder. Kids started screaming and the intercoms started squawking: "GET OUT OF THE WATER. IT IS MANDATORY. GET OUT OF THE WATER." The eating area started getting flooded with people, and J and I were happily enjoying our lunch when we realized: we left our backpack with all of our belonging in our the pouring rain. *D'oh*

We finished eating quickly and scurried to our chairs. Luckily, we had thought to put most of our stuff under our umbrella (thanks, woman's intuition, for making me get that umbrella!). J and I scooched the umbrella deeper into the sand so that it was really close to the tops of our heads and would block the rain from blowing in sideways. We watched the whole storm from our water-side chairs. It poured freezing rain for a couple of hours, which definitely put a damper on our excursion. I know the excursion people can't control when Mother Nature doesn't cooperate, though, and I'd be happy to pick this excursion again if we visit Cozumel in the future!

There were some folks who just couldn't comprehend that lightning + water = a bad, bad thing. So our poor lifeguards had their work cut out for them! They kept having to go over and yell/blow their whistles at particular groups of people. He must have been thinking "stupid Americans!" I know those swimmers just wanted to enjoy their beach vacation, but...gotta be smart, folks! So J and I had rain AND a show. haha. We played in the sand while we waited for the all-clear intercom signal, and then enjoyed a few more minutes in the ocean before our bus left. The water looked so ominous, but still beautiful. I loved how clear and turquoise it was:

We had time to do some more shopping by the dock before we boarded the ship, and bought our final souvenirs.

That night, at dinner, we got another rendition of "happy honeymoon to you" with free "honeymoon cake." With the absence of our "kissy, kissy!" waiter, it wasn't nearly as bad this time. But I was stuffed and couldn't even eat the cake....whoops. We got our US customs form to fill out and attended some on-board shows before the day was over.

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