Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Honeymoonin' {Day 6: Roatan, Honduras}

On Wednesday, August 3, our boat docked at Mahogany Bay in Roatan, Honduras. I really appreciated being able to just walk off the boat instead of having to tender over to land... so much easier and much less time-consuming!

Our excursion for the day was called Canopy and Gumbalimba Park, and it left an hour later than our Mayan Ruin excursion did the day before... hooray for sleeping in! There was a tourist sign on the dock, so we roped in a little old man to take our picture in front of it. That poor guy had the HARDEST time figuring out how to work our disposable, waterproof camera. After about 10 minutes of his fumbling around, this is the picture we got, lol:

We rode in a big bus up the side of a mountain to get to Gumbalimba Park. They asked us to leave our cameras and other luggage on the bus during the ziplining, so I wasn't able to get any pictures. Fortunately, though, there was a photographer that was set up on one of the platforms, and he took pictures of everyone coming in. After your group got done ziplining, you could track him down by the little restaurant, and check out your pics. He gave everyone the opportunity to buy the pictures (which we took advantage of -- they were cheap!) and burned them to a disc for those that purchased. He even put his e-mail address on the disc so that we could have access to the pictures in case something happened to our disc and we couldn't see the images! How thoughtful! Here are a couple images from the disc we bought:

J went first. You can see that we had lots of safety equipment no worries, Mom! :) But we ziplined through the rainforest and had an amazing view! Some lines were long and others were short. Our brake was our hand (yikes!). You could see the ocean from some of the lines, since it was close and the lines were so high. Here's a picture of me that's a little farther away, so you can see our surroundings better:

The photographer did take a close-up picture of me, but my facial expression is down-right goofy, so I'm opting not to include that in this post. lol.

I don't know how many lines we were able to zip across...over 10, I know that! Some were over 120 feet long. We made friends with a family that stood in line behind us. They'd ziplined in Belize the day before, and were saying that this zipline in Honduras was MUCH better. Hooray for picking the right excursion! :)

After our ziplining was done and we had had a chance to visit the restaurant for a drink and/or look at pictures, we went to the birds and monkey exhibit at the park. The national bird for Honduras is the parrot, so there were lots there to look at. We had the option to take a picture with one on our shoulder. J opted out of that, since he has that opportunity every day at his work! But I went for it:

That bird happened to be sitting on the shoulder that got severely sunburned on our first day on the boat (in fact, it's still peeling...ick!). Right after this picture, he started digging his grubby little claws into my shoulder, so J took the opportunity to snap a picture of my "hey, bird! That HURTS!" face. I'm electing to not include that in this post, either.

Then we went to the monkey portion. Our tour guide made us take off all backpacks and sunglasses, as the monkeys will take your sunglasses to wear and pilfer through your bags in search of a water bottle. She said they are tricky and can open any bag you have, so we all had to leave it with the guard. There were 4-5 monkeys jumping around in the park. Sometimes they would come down to let us play with them, but mostly, they just played in their little houses. There was a line where we could hold one particular monkey, so J and I both did that. I fell in love with that little guy!

He was so sweet, and slept the majority of the time. His little heart wasn't beating very fast at all, and he was super-lethargic, compared to all the other monkeys in the park. J and I figure that being passed from tourist to tourist all day just wears him out. :( But I wanted to put him in my backpack and take him home with me! I've been begging J to buy me a baby monkey, but he keeps refusing. I guess I need to refine my pouty-puppy-dog face...I don't know why it's not working! In any case, here I am, holding the little guy:

There was a beach included in our excursion, but neither J nor I knew it was an option, so we forgot our swimsuits. (Darn.) The water was beautiful, though!

Looked just like a screensaver! We could rent all kinds of water gear, a chair, or just swim in the ocean. We looked around at the craft shop and then took the bus back to the dock. We had a little time to explore the craft shops at the pier -- which was neat -- and then we boarded the ship again. We bought some jewelry and J haggled with the owners.

At dinner that night, they surprised us with free "honeymoon cake" and sang us a song. It was MEGA-embarrassing because the lead waiter was singing "happy honeymoon to you" while his assistant kept calling out, "kissy kissy!" and urging us to smooch through the song. I'm not a fan of having people watch me like that (too weird), so I definitely did not appreciate this little surprise attack.... *grump, grump* Still a fun day, though.

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