Monday, July 18, 2011

H-family visit!

My family made the trip down to TX to visit us in our apartment for the first time since we've moved in. I spent all week preparing: buying food to keep their bellies full, cleaning, organizing, and making sure all those little "extras" were in place (hand mirror in the bathroom, clean sheets & pillows, good-smellin' lotion, etc). My sister was at a dance camp that week, and her last day was Friday. She had a final dance to perform in the morning (that my family all got to see), and then they headed for our place from there. Here's a picture (courtesy of my mother) of the backseat of the H-family "bus." My sister is still in her dance outfit, and my grandparents are happily enjoying the ride south. :)

My uncle and his family were watching over my parents' and grandparents' houses while they were gone. Uncle K thought it would be funny to plant some "guard flamingos" in the yard. The picture below shows what a good job the guards were doing while they were gone... vicious! 

On Friday night, J and I took my family to my favorite Mexican restaurant, and then came back and crashed at the apartment... there wasn't time for much else. On Saturday, J, my sister, and I went to Six Flags. I hadn't been there in YEARS, so I'd forgotten what it was like! Apparently, they have hit the 50-year anniversary mark since the last time I was there...

We rode 3 roller coasters immediately, and I felt SO sick. I sat down while they rode a couple more, but my nausea didn't go away. I guess this means I'm officially old, since my stomach can no longer handle the "cool" rides. :( Meanwhile, my parents and grandparents were touring the community and sight-seeing at various stadiums and shops. We all got home in the afternoon, took some time to cool off, and then headed to the pool for a while. It's unbelievable how stinkin' hot it is outside! Obviously, I notice it a lot more when I'm moving from an air-conditioned place to outside. As soon as I step out there, it feels like the heat is punching me in the face! Anyway, we spent some time at the pool and then changed to go to dinner and for yogurt. 

On Sunday, the guys went golfing and the ladies went shopping. Us girls hit a few shops that aren't available in OK, and then headed back to the apartment, while the boys were sweating their tails off on the golf course. We happened to find our way toward a Five Guys, which has become my dad's new favorite fry-location. So I snapped a teaser-picture to show him:

I guess the picture stirred up some interest again, because we had dinner there that night. There haven't been any OK locations (until now, as I understand it), so this was a new place for my fam, and it was a hit! There was some confusion about the name, though... it seems that the burgers and fries were so intoxicatingly-good that the name was always scrambled in some way. I heard it called all kinds of names this weekend: Five Men, Five Fingers, and my personal favorite: Burger Five. It became a running joke all weekend long. :)

Above is a picture of my sister and me, modeling some of the new clothes we got on our shopping trip. Doesn't she look so grown-up?! *Sigh* 

J and I got bored on the way to "Burger Five" that night, so we took a picture in the car:

J had to go back to work this morning, and I tried to get back into my workout routine. I went for a jog while my fam packed their stuff and loaded the vehicle. By 9 am, they were outta here. 

We hope they enjoyed their stay!

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Anonymous said...

We had a great tine and hope we are invited back again soon!