Thursday, June 16, 2011

Playing Catch-Up {Part 3}

J is Catholic and I'm Southern Baptist, so we decided to nix some of the traditional religion stuff out of the ceremony. I'd always wanted an outside wedding, and he was OK with it, so that was one of our first "wedding agreements." We quickly decided that getting married at OSU made sense, given our history, and fit us perfectly, so it was booked very soon. Our reception was on OSU's campus -- at the Wes Watkins Center -- and that was the problem with the booking. WWC is apparently a pretty popular place, so there was only one weekend in June that it was available. Luckily, our spot on campus was available outside on that day, as well, so it all worked out well. We'd originally planned to get married at the Formal Gardens, but quickly realized that that wasn't going to work. There was no place for our guests to be up close to us, and where would the wedding party stand? We moved it to a little spot right by Theta Pond, and it ended up being really pretty! The folks at OSU were pretty helpful (a missed phone call here and there, but I tried to remind myself that they had a lot more going on than just my silly little wedding) and things started to fall into place.

I signed up for and it freaked me out a lot -- there were so many things on the check-list that were already overdue! We had around 8 months to plan this bad baby, and I needed to get crackin'. I spent so many hours on that event -- and I know my family did, too. Due to a friend-of-a-friend, I found a GREAT photographer based out of Tulsa who was new but up-and-coming. His rookie-ness made his prices great, and his portfolio proved his talent in the photography area, too. He was nice to work with and got some great, creative shots, so I'd definitely recommend him! Visit Tulsa Expressions Photography for all your photography needs. :) We did our engagement pictures on Thanksgiving weekend in November, so we're wearing long-sleeves but were still freezing!

I'm pretty much in love with all of these! I love the creativity!

I was a little stressed (OK. Maybe "a little" is an understatement), but all the details starting coming together eventually. One of the things I was most looking forward to was the photobooth. I'm what I call "a picture person," so it was really important to me to be able to capture lots and lots of pictures. We found a cheap photobooth out of Tulsa (T-Town Photobooth) and got a discount code from him off of Twitter, so we ended up getting it for a great price, and I was pumped. It was a hit at the wedding, but we'll talk about that later. ;)

I wasn't the type of girl who played a lot of "wedding" growing up. I maybe pranced around in Mom's heels with a pillowcase over my head a few times, but I never really dreamt of details when I was a teenager. So I pretty much had no idea what I wanted on anything and I was lost when we got engaged! I'm so jealous of girls who have everything already all planned out -- I was clueless! lol. I knew I wanted some type of blue and silver as the colors, but that was about it. J thought it would be wrong to get married on OSU's campus without having orange as a wedding color, so our colors became turquoise and tangerine with silver accents. (Don't get me started on how difficult this was to plan during the winter months, before all the bright and summery colors were released on everything!)

Our caterer was Meditations, and they ended up being delicious! We got cakes from Food Pyramid. My grandma did all the flowers, boutonnieres, archway, and aisle decorations. I made the invitations, RSVPs, and Save the Date cards on I found a free program fan template online, adjusted it on my computer, and printed them at Staples. I found turquoise eyelets to hold together the fan online (can't remember where!), and bought blue- and aqua-colored water beads for the centerpieces. Now I just had to focus on writing thank you cards for our wedding gifts and holding myself together for the wedding!

Speaking of gifts, everyone was SO GENEROUS! We actually had 3 wedding showers. My FHS family at my job gave us a shower (J couldn't come because it was 3 hours away and he was working that day):
Our second shower was held by my home church, but no one got any pictures of that. :( The third one was held by J's family in Chicago. I didn't get any pictures of us with gifts or anything... just pictures of decorations. But after everyone's generosity, I'm pretty sure I'm a pro at writing thank-you cards, so I'm thinking about opening a business.... lol

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