Thursday, June 16, 2011

Playing Catch-Up {Part 1}

J and I met at Oklahoma State University, so that's why we're such die-hard fans.

After high school, J didn't really know what he wanted to "be" (career-wise), so he took classes at the community college and took a job at a local vet clinic until he could figure it out. Working at the vet clinic made him realize how much he loves animals, so he decided to try to be a vet. OSU is notorious for their animal science program, so he applied there and got in. I find it amazing that J packed up everything and came to OSU without even really checking the place out. I was a wreck, just living one hour from home, but J was a trooper and moved 4 hours away without ever looking back.

My parents are both OSU alums, so there was never a question in my mind that I would attend O-State. I didn't even apply for any other schools or take tours at OSU because I was so set on going there. Because of my financial situation, I lived in a trailer about 20-30 minutes from campus and commuted every day. I had a really hard time making friends because I lived off campus + I was really shy + I was really cheap (had no money to go back and forth to campus for club meetings, so I just didn't join any). I worked a lot and by the end of the day, I was exhausted. I remember being really lonely.

J and I have a mutual friend -- Nick -- whom I was hanging out with after my biology test one day. We were in the dorms watching some movie with Nick's roommate, and that's where I met J for the first time. We didn't really talk, didn't exchange phone numbers...nothing. But J found me on facebook (which I thought was a little creepy, not gonna lie) and we sent messages back and forth pretty frequently. We started going to lunch every Tuesday (or was it Thursday?) in the Student Union. We were both dating other people at the time, so we'd frequently vent about our significant others, and then discuss whatever else. We got to be pretty close friends, but then I decided to transfer colleges. OSU was too big and expensive for me; I didn't think I could cut it. So I moved a couple hours south. J and I still talked occasionally, but we both had so many other things going on that we just weren't as close as we had been.

A few months later, he'd ditched his girlfriend, and we started talking a lot more again and pretty much picked up where we'd left off.  Six months or so after THAT, my boyfriend and I broke up, and J and I considered moving things to a different level. Here's a picture of us on our first date, at the Rancher's Club on OSU's campus:

(Can you believe how skinny and young we are in that picture?!)

Our official dating anniversary is October 6, 2008.

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