Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life in Texas

We've pretty much gotten our home fixed the way we want it. We were SO LUCKY to find the apartment complex that we did. It's true what they say: everything is bigger in Texas...even the housing bills. :( So we feel incredibly blessed to have found such a nice apartment complex with so much room and so many accommodations for a great price. It's in a nice part of town -- far enough away from the road to where there's no noise, but close enough so that everything is still just right down the road. Our complex also has gates that only open with a special clicker, so the only way anyone "stray" can get in is if they just happen to follow someone else in...rare. I feel pretty safe here.

I'm waiting on our wedding pictures to come in so that I can put them in our frames....I'm a picture person, so there are tons of picture frames in our house. But since they all came from house in F-town, they're all of me, my friends, and my family! If I didn't know any better, I would think J didn't live here at all! lol. So I'm anxious to fix that with wedding pictures, once they all come in!

Here are a few pictures of our place. Folks that are reading this: you should know that we're pretty poor right now, so there's no sense in you trying to break in and steal our $2 trinkets, mmkay?


Living room with new navy curtains. Next order of business? New lamps!

 My favorite saying is on the wall right before our room.
I'm in love with this bedspread and this wall art!

The guest room is still lacking (decorations + clean-up of clutter!), and we need to get a move on ordering this really cool piece for above our TV, but that's pretty much it. Those couple of things + wedding pictures in the frames = a complete K household. :) I'm excited.

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