Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

J and I got to sleep in a little this morning, and then it was off to JCP! We got lots of duplicate gifts from the wedding, so we wanted to exchange them for other items on our registry. Did you know that JCP and BB&B both have registry completion programs? Yup. We have 90 days from our event date to buy anything from our registry with a 10% discount! Whoo! JCP also happened to be having a sale this weekend (I'm sure my dad is really shocked to hear this news), so we actually saved a little more.

While we were waiting at the customer service desk, I spotted this sign:
It killed me, so I had to have a picture. I see a lot of mechanical/grammatical errors in "the real world" and have gotten into the habit of snapping pictures and tweeting them to my kids on our class Twitter.

We ended up with a new set of 600 count sheets and pillowcases (yay!), 4 lamps, a suitcase, 8 cups, 3 dress shirts for J, and 2 pairs of shorts for J. We still have a lot of money on our gift cards but can't figure out what else to buy that will fit in the house! Man, I feel rotten typing that. We're so spoiled.

Our next stop was to CostCo, where we fooled everyone into thinking we have a family of 6 at home, based on all the stuff in our cart.
Technically, we only purchased 30 items, but 25 of those were packs of things, so we got a lot of loot! Probably won't have to buy deo for J, toothpaste, bug spray, or sunscreen for another 5 years!

We're going to his parents' house to swim and cookout for Father's Day '11. Hope all fathers are having a great day.

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Nick said...

Having J as a husband == feeding a family of six. =)