Monday, January 2, 2012

Card Booklet: Organizing Your Cards

Judging from everything I've seen on Pinterest, there is no shortage of ways to display your Christmas cards during the holiday season. So I think the real question is: what the heck do I do with all these pretty cards after the season is over??

I feel bad throwing them away. All the personal messages, the holiday letters, and the picture cards seem to scream at me as I chunk them in the trash. Although our Christmas cards took about 2.5 seconds to design (thanks, Snapfish!), I have no doubt that others spent more time on their cards, and I hate to throw all of that in the garbage.

My friend Allison (who happens to run Our Vintage Love) originally posted this craft on her Facebook page a year or so ago, and I just so happened to remember it this year. I'm glad I did. I think it's such a sweet way to keep cards without allowing them to become clutter!

Basically, you make a booklet out of a stack of cards you've received. Allison and I made booklets with our Christmas cards, but really, you could use cards from, important birthday, retirement...whatever! 

All you really need are your cards, a hole punch, a chicken ring (as I call it) or a jump ring (as more sophisticated folks say), and some sort of scrap paper or gift tag. You could always add other elements to make it fancier if you want.

I arranged our Christmas cards from smallest to largest, with the exception of our own card. Using the smallest card as a guide, I punched holes in approximately the same place on all the cards. For the cover of the book, Allison used a vintage gift tag, attached some buttons for an even more girly-vintage-chic feel, and wrote "Christmas 2011" on the tag. Since the vintage look isn't really our style, I just found a glittery gift tag that already had a hole in it (courtesy of The Container Store, aka Heaven on Earth) and wrote "2011" on it with a blue Sharpie. I didn't have room to write "Christmas," but I figure I'll know what it is since our card actually says "Merry Christmas" (and I strategically placed that on top, just like Allison did). After you're done punching holes and making the tag, just thread everything through the ring and snap the ring shut.

I was done in about 5-10 minutes. (These are the types of crafts I really like to endorse: minimal supplies, minimal talent -- I even stole borrowed the idea! -- and minimal time. happy

Here's the completed project:

I had to write "2011" several times for it to show up on all that glitter! I might actually print something to use as the cover next year, just so I don't make a habit of being Ghetto Fabulous. But I promise that my handwriting looks better in person than it does in this photo. Really.
To look through it, you just flip through it like a book. Or, I suppose you could put the ring through the top of the cards and flip through it that way. Allison attached two rings to her card book, but like I said, I'm lazy, so I only did the one. 

Cute little Christmas tree card
I'm going to store it with our Christmas decorations. I plan to make one every year. When the Christmas season comes around, I'll replace our coffee table books and decs with these Christmas card books from years past.

The FBC McLoud Youth program made these Christmas cards as a way to help the community spread Christmas cheer and to help them raise money for future activities and projects.
Thanks to everyone who sent us a card and/or letter! I really enjoyed looking at/reading all of them, and I know Jon did, too.

If you didn't get a Christmas card from us, my apologies! (Send me your address to ensure that doesn't happen again next year. happy) Please accept the picture below as a 2011 Christmas card stand-in:

FYI: there is no color gradient in the background. My iPhone's camera apparently doesn't like things that are solid green. Other than that, though, I really love this card. Thanks, Snapfish!

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